Emily's Potential Jobs

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Emily's Potential Jobs by Mind Map: Emily's Potential Jobs

1. Special education teacher

1.1. Very introverted

1.1.1. Have your own office

1.1.2. Spend a lot of time at your desk doing paperwork

1.2. Lots of breaks

1.2.1. Allows me to travel

1.3. Good Hours (8:50-3:30)

1.4. Same job as my dad

1.5. everyone in my family approves of it

1.6. My family has a good reputation within the school board and know a lot of people

1.7. not a dead end job

1.8. You need to work your way up to this position

1.9. Work with kids who have special needs

1.9.1. help kids who just have difficulties in general

1.10. good benefits

1.11. have to work with people who you don't get along with

2. Truckdriver

2.1. Love road trips

2.1.1. Im not sure if I love the actual driving part though (have not got my license)

2.2. Really Hard working hours

2.3. Lots of alone time

2.4. Depending on how much you want to work you could make a lot of money

2.5. allows you to beat to your own drum as long as you get the work done

2.6. physically demanding

2.7. very male dominated

2.8. My dad has experience doing it

2.8.1. I have spent a day with him

2.8.2. I already know that it is something i might like

2.9. It would be hard to take care of a dog

3. Police Officer

3.1. I like the idea of wearing a uniform

3.2. You need to have the right mentality in order to be accepted

3.3. I can speak french

3.3.1. that could help me get a job

3.4. see a lot of bad things

3.4.1. meet really bad people

3.4.2. might see blood ( not that good with it)

3.5. male dominated

3.6. helping people

3.7. a lot of different branches to explore

3.8. you can work your way up to higher positions

3.9. have to work with people who you don't get along with

4. Travel Writer

4.1. very unreliable

4.2. get to travel

4.3. you don't work for anyone

4.4. I might end up hating traveling

4.5. tiring going from one place to another

4.6. you are free to be yourself

4.7. you don't know if anyone will actually read your posts

5. Social Worker

5.1. good people skills

5.2. like listening to peoples problems

5.3. talking to people all day

5.4. cannot get very mentally involved in the lives of the people

5.5. make a difference in people lives

5.6. not the best for introverts

5.7. enjoy learning about peoples lives

5.8. be very open minded