Flower Garden

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Flower Garden by Mind Map: Flower Garden

1. Who

1.1. People, families, gardeners, tourist, and visitors

2. What

2.1. All kinds of flowers, big rocks, water fountain, creeks, walk paths, trails and gift shop. People visit, walk, gardeners working.

3. Where

3.1. QE Park, Stanley Park, Butcher Garden, Vandusen Botanical garden in Victoria and Finnerty Garden

4. When

4.1. In 4 seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall

5. Why

5.1. Visitors spend a day walking in this green environment. The shape of the garden is arranged to like a rainbow. It is a wonderful landscape. The birds which are chirping and singing like to stay in it. The children enjoy playing and laughing.

6. How

6.1. People take a slow walk, relax and enjoy seeing the variety of flowers in the garden. This beautiful garden in the city will draw more children and families.