Cultural Considerations: MALAYSIA!

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Cultural Considerations: MALAYSIA! by Mind Map: Cultural Considerations: MALAYSIA!

1. communication protocols

1.1. malay is the national language

1.2. can communicate in different languages but mainly in malay and english

1.3. and a whole load of school holiday

2. Holidays and Celebration

2.1. 31 state holidays

2.2. 14 national holidays

3. Level of education

3.1. Similar to many developed country in the world, Malaysia adopts a system of 6+5+2 years of formal education.

3.2. Only primary education is compulsory in Malaysia where multilingual public schools, private schools and home educators co-exist side by side.

4. Religious and Beliefs

4.1. Malaysia is a Muslim majority country with significant religious minority populations of Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, and traditional Chinese religion practitioners.

4.2. The constitution declares Islam as a state religion, but it allows freedom of religion. There is a peaceful coexistence between religions and the major holy days for each religion is declared a national holiday in the country.

5. cultural aspect

5.1. National day known as : Hari Merdeka

5.2. Within the malaysian society there is a malay culture, chinese culture, indian culture, a eurasion culture along with indigenous group of the peninsula and north Borneo

6. business etiquettes

6.1. Meetings

6.2. - Most senior person enters first. This shows you respect the hierarchy - Customary for leaders to sit opposite each other around the table - Meetings may be conducted or continue over lunch and dinner.

7. Custom

7.1. Indians: shake hands with same sex ,when it comes to opposite gender , they nod and smile as a sign of respect

7.2. Malay : Women are not allowed to shake hands with men Men may not shake hands with opposite gender ,instead they bow while placing their hand on their heart

7.3. Chinese :lower their eyes during greeting as a sign of respect Men and women may shake hands ,but women MUST extend their hand first