Nova & ubiquitous networks

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Nova & ubiquitous networks by Mind Map: Nova & ubiquitous networks

1. Combine data...

1.1. My context

1.1.1. where I am (GPS position)

1.1.2. where I am going

1.1.3. what I see my pics my vids

1.1.4. what time it is

1.1.5. tagged things near me wearing an RFID wearing a URL

1.2. My user-profile

1.2.1. my favourite places

1.2.2. my favourite paths (routes)

1.2.3. sensor data My garden parameters GARDENGRO Where are my things? RFID

1.2.4. my interests

1.2.5. people I know

1.3. Data on the web

1.3.1. traffic data

1.3.2. parking space availability data

1.3.3. public transportation data

1.3.4. "things of interest" data about things to see things to do things to buy things to read people LIFESTREAMING

1.3.5. environmental monitoring data SENSORWEB


1.4.1. wearing an RFID

1.4.2. wearing a URL

2. ... to deliver services...

2.1. Communication services

2.1.1. cloud storage for my pics, my vids

2.1.2. share my pics, my vids feed GrandMa"s digital frame CEIVA

2.1.3. make a reservation at a restaurant OPENTABLE

2.2. Recommendation services

2.2.1. suggest an optimal route to get where I am going avoid traffic jams DASH use public transportation when faster or cheaper

2.2.2. suggest interesting stops on the way shop friend interesting stop

2.2.3. suggest what to plant and how to cultivate it GARDENGRO

3. ... to new devices


3.2. electronic reading devices

3.2.1. Kindle

3.2.2. Plastic reading devices PLASTIC LOGIC


3.4. wearable computers