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Kate McElvaney's Professional Learning Network by Mind Map: Kate McElvaney
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Kate McElvaney's Professional Learning Network

Began the summer of 2011 as an assignment during EDL 7510, this PLN marks the start of my journey to being a tech-savvy leader.

Google Reader

RSS Power

I subscribe to different blogs and websites, letting my news come to me!

Sites and articles of import I can save or share.


Shower Epiphanies: Reflections of an Educator and Learner

Share my learning process, ideas for tech-savvy leadership and technology integration.


I tweet my latest posts!

I follow educational organizations!


ED Leadership


I follow educational leaders!

David Warlick

Jamie Feild Baker, Personal Todo List, Vacation Planning, Meeting Minutes, Project Plan, more...

Edna Sackson, Offline Mode, Geistesblitz Tools, Email & SMS Gateways, Compare Editions

I follow colleagues!

Jay Underwood

George Haines

Katherine Scragg

I follow inspiration!


Ted Talks


My Groups

I can bookmark and annotate important websites to share with colleagues in my school.


To Connect

To Contribute

To Collaborate


Web 2.0 How to for Educators

Share new knowledge with others and allow them to collaborate.