Joy of learning

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Joy of learning by Mind Map: Joy of learning

1. How do i instill the Joy of Learning in my classroom?

1.1. Learning through Play

1.1.1. E.g. Primary 3 chapter 4 《奇妙的变化》on a MA3 class

1.1.2. Students make use of hands on learning to understand the different parts of a beansprout and its growth process.

1.1.3. Reflections from this lesson: students were more interested in learning and they were excited to come to class to see how their green beans have grown. Students were able to learn the terms of the bean sprouts such as the stem, the outer shell and the leaf.

1.2. Cultivating ownership of work

1.2.1. E,g, Primary 6 HA2

1.2.2. Learning through edmodo by uploading slides before lesson for students to read through (flipped learning)

1.2.3. Most of the time, the slides that are uploaded are based on the words that they will learn in their textbooks. Students are tasked to learn them and understand them before coming to class where teacher will design an activity in class for them

1.2.4. Students take ownership of their learning by going online before the designated deadline to understand the words. Classroom activity will be based on 造句where students have to understand the meaning before learning how to use them.

1.2.5. Reflections on lesson: Students are more motivated in learning because they log on to edmodo within the stipulated time to learn the words. While the joy of learning evokes intrinsic motivation, but the purpose of learning the new words is to participate actively in the activity that teachers have designed. I have found that through this activity, students take ownership of their own learning and are well prepared before they come to class.

2. My own Reflection

2.1. it is important to instill the joy of learning in students

2.2. teachers should move away from teacher-centric education

2.3. students must take ownership of their learning and apply what they have learnt

2.4. out of classroom practices should be encouraged as students learn better outside of classroom

3. Definition from MOE

3.1. inculcating intrinsic motivation in students

3.2. enabling students to explore their interests

3.3. learning through play

3.4. applied learning

4. My own definition of Joy of Learning

4.1. student-centered

4.2. students must enjoy their learning

4.3. it is not always academic results at play

4.4. students must take owner ship of their learning