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OMNI by Mind Map: OMNI
0.0 stars - reviews range from 0 to 5


GamePlay Mechanics - Approved To be Implemented (Prioritized Them)

Bots (Artificial Intelligence) - Ian

Ulti's Looking Truly Ultimate

Truly Interactive Tutorial - E

Steam SDK - E

Fix Falling at start not newb friendly - E

Focus call button - E


Anytime tutorial - P

South Tower - I

Music player that plays and or integrates with iTunes (also preferably WMP & Winamp) - E

Music: , It's free for us to use and damn alright too! - E

The Votex needs to be put back, and have lightning & bricks and shit flying into it... - E

South Creeps crawl out of black holes in the Ground when spawning - E


Chat area for pregame - E

Call Buttons for Lanes - E

Turn brightness/contrast up in game. - E

Add a visual reward (increased size?) to the current player in the match that has the most kills since last death. (help target them for other players to get bounty, and allows the player to know that others see how cool he is! - Dave

Text from Messages having a noise and obvious colour - E

When going "Omni", it affects screens of others within 7 meters - Blood/ Vines/ White/ Blue Light - E

Current Characters -E

Auto update and patcher - E

Character Skill Abilities - E

Passive Abilities Shown - E

Camera system for Ultis - I

Thuderdome - E

Marketing Ideas/Methods

YouTube Channel : OmniGameVision - E

Facebook Fanpage : - E

Key Trailers

* Google Adword * Press Releases * Special Events (promotion on the Queen St Mall) * Local newspaper * Radio Shows * TV shows * Banners, ads on websites - P

Omni Forum - P

Omni Stickers - P

Company Business card printed with Omni logo or Omni Business cards - P

Philiprimo Distributorship - E

Starter Edition - E

Buy Lightmare Edition from Fanpage - E

Tournaments - E

Origin: The original Website (eg: etc), Internet Cafe (Using their logo etc), or Clan (using their uploaded logo and as long as they order 4 copies upfront at discounted rate) - E

Guest Passes - E

Survey using Netopia or other to gain Userbase knowledge. - 1 - 10 of want with examples on each extreme of each entry. - E

“Nothing Else Works, Nothing Else Matters; Valhalla Studios Lightmare needs to make a Hit.”

My Geistesblitzes

Mentor Requesting like Settlers 7 - E

Design landing page like a video game - E

Feedback page upon quitting - E

Scrolling Tickets of Mates - E

Don't show 5-10% on own health bar

Noob achievements get 3 first game

Dying to tower half OMNI - white nothing else?

Invert Mouse

Spells aren't obvious

OMNI makes you 50% bigger

Lvl up gives 50% life & mana back

Achievements not working as intended

3D Graphics

Improve animations for all characters - P

We really need to stop feature creeping new assets, art time for omni unity was originally just going to be a port from XNA models to Unity Engine, we all got distracted by improving the game when the timeline allocation was specified for only a port -A

Things learned from omni

Plan everything out ahead of time. Time spent in preproduction saves months of dev time. -Ian and Shiraz

Standardization and more resources will allow for much much nicer looking games. - Shiraz

Art style must be defined from the start, "everything goes" doesn't work. - S

Smooth frames rates and optimizations come from game design from the ground up, not technical tricks later. Game needs to be designed in a way that what is viewable is controlled. Line of sight blocking etc. -Ian

Game Comparisons & Learnings

Monday Night Combat PROS's - E

DoTA - V

League of Legends - V

Heroes of Newerth - V

Harsh reality: The real problem is that Omni is NOT special. It's a DotA clone, and right from the start we were told to make a DotA clone, and that's all it'll ever be. All we can ever do is try to be the BEST DotA clone. -Ian

Monday Night Combat CONS's - E

Tap Pet Hotel - E

GamePlay Mechanics - Done & Implemented

Epic buildup of Epicness - E

Agent Coyle

Chat messages don't stay up long enough need to stay up 3x longer. - E

Timer to show respawning - E

Level up should give 50% health and mana back. - E - Rejected for Gameplay balancing

Make creeps get thrown around 2/3rds less during normal combat -E

Game timer showing on screen option in menus - E

Heartbeat 25% health - S

Beta's won't work together

Standard Music on loop - E

Opening Screen: GREEN BETA Publically Available Charcters [Picutures and names]

X on chars not available

Sound for Opening Scene - E

Going "Omni" at level 20 - E

GamePlay Mechanics - Ideas

Exploration: Secrets - E

New Characters - E

Leagues -E


Any ideas from iPhone games around getting people to return to the game at least once a week. - E

Side HUD on Bad guys nearby - E

Win Scenes - E

Flag Capture feels worthless, perhaps make it easy to die, but not guaranteed if grabbing before towers are down. - E

Flag needs to be insanely obvious - E

Different Modes - E

Prerelase Tournament of each new character and Skin - E

Open up the sweet areas you can't get to normally - AR

"The Last 5% of the Game's Creation is 50% of the reason people keep playing it."