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OMNI by Mind Map: OMNI

1. GamePlay Mechanics - Approved To be Implemented (Prioritized Them)

1.1. Bots (Artificial Intelligence) - Ian

1.2. Ulti's Looking Truly Ultimate

1.3. Truly Interactive Tutorial - E

1.3.1. Tutorial with badge - E Sectioned - AR

1.4. Steam SDK - E

1.5. Fix Falling at start not newb friendly - E

1.6. Focus call button - E

1.7. Profiles

1.7.1. Medals 500+ (Awards) Displayed above character - E Achievements designed to show people basic game tactics, allowing them to learn and understand while gaining a reward. E.G: as a healer working with Dugg ( Heal Doug for 500 hp in one round) - Dave [Transcendance] - Go "Omni" once in a multiplayer match - E Reuse some of the unused icons from earlier beta's as Medals. - E [Lord of The Past] Go Omni 3 times with Toldot [Lady of Nature] Go Omni 3 times with Aravah [Lord of Trees] Go Omni 3 times with Dugg [Lord of Murder] Go Omni 3 times with Executioner [Lord of Righteous] Go Omni 3 times with Tov [Lord of The Future] Go Omni 3 times with Navi [Lord of Evil] Go Omni 3 times with Raa [Lord of Power] Go Omni 3 times with Agent Coyle [Lady of Balance] Go Omni 3 times with Eleanor [Lady of Agility] Go Omni 3 times with Impulse Bigger amounts of points for harder achievements. Harder by 5x gives 20x the points. - E Going OMNI Achievements. 5 minutes OMNI in a match. (show progression towards achievements at end). Levels Squire all the way thru (use Settlers as example). - E [True Believer] 200 - Prepurchase Game or Buy it within 2 weeks of release. - E Different Classes of Achievement - E

1.7.2. Facebook Friends Leaderboard - E

1.7.3. Show a massive page of profile whenever you log in, highlighting: XP Score, Rating & Favourite Medals -E Show Recent Awesome Stuff, like wins or last 3 Medals. - E

1.7.4. Rankings - I

1.7.5. Experience System - E 1 Point each game 2 Points Each Win 10 Points Each Medal 20 Points Each Referral

1.7.6. Show page at end of each match with progress towards achievements. - E

1.7.7. Own user pics but a badge showcase - E

1.7.8. Player, Clan & Origin Pics - E

1.7.9. In Game HUD showing information: Profile pic Big Health and Mana bars : Big Transcendance Points - Medium Rating - Medium Name Clan Pic Big

1.8. Anytime tutorial - P

1.9. South Tower - I

1.10. Music player that plays and or integrates with iTunes (also preferably WMP & Winamp) - E

1.11. Music: , It's free for us to use and damn alright too! - E

1.12. The Votex needs to be put back, and have lightning & bricks and shit flying into it... - E

1.13. South Creeps crawl out of black holes in the Ground when spawning - E

1.14. Items

1.14.1. Odin Blast Odin Blast looks dodgy and doesn't allow us to choose where it goes - E Should be Blue & *Come from the sky*, Think "Ion Cannon" from C&C Generals - E

1.14.2. Some kind of Attack Speed modifier, like a 30% increase each time - E - Rejected, breaks animations, unnessecary - Ian Perhaps make it only 20% but make it stackable - E

1.15. Chat area for pregame - E

1.16. Call Buttons for Lanes - E

1.17. Turn brightness/contrast up in game. - E

1.18. Add a visual reward (increased size?) to the current player in the match that has the most kills since last death. (help target them for other players to get bounty, and allows the player to know that others see how cool he is! - Dave

1.19. Text from Messages having a noise and obvious colour - E

1.20. When going "Omni", it affects screens of others within 7 meters - Blood/ Vines/ White/ Blue Light - E

1.20.1. Should be easily done by having a simple texture start to show on the screen from the edges in, and with some transparancy - E

1.20.2. White light on others screens instensifiying closer to opponent

1.21. Current Characters -E

1.21.1. Executioner Spark on ground as he walks... - E "Omni" - Sword grows to 2.5 size, big scraping sound on ground with trail of rocks afterwards. 1.5x weapon damage, +40% att spd, blind cooldown 3 seconds, whenever he hits someone, it does a gash along the middle of their screen (3 different gashes to randomly pick). - E Ulti should be death sequence of some sort. If we could, Exe kicking opponent onto their knees then lopping off their head would be perfect. - E Small but noticeable scraping sound as he walks - E

1.21.2. Agent Coyle "Omni" - 80% Visible (non transparant) hologram versions of other characters (inc him) get casted, every 5 seconds, that last 15 seconds. +50% attack speed, +30% move speed, visible moderate mana drain from all nearby enemy players looks like soul ripping out. - E "Omni" on Others Screens - Disintegrating on outside, needs to feel like their soul is being ripped from them. Use blur effects etc. - E

1.21.3. Dugg Small Stomp noise whilst walking - E "Omni" - Makes him the biggest he can be to fit in a single lane (not even necessarily the bridges between lanes, and might need to either teleport him or have him no clip till out of a lane if here's there when he goes Omni), very loud stomp heard softly all through map, loudly up close. 1/3rd attack speed, 2/3rds move speed, 2.5x damage, 2.5x life. - E "Omni" - When he hits a player their screen "Squashes" (or if too hard to implement, it shakes, hard). - E Normal hits knock a little bit, normal kills throw far, Omni kills throw them miles into the air. - E Ulti should be 3 times louder & make creeps 1.5x bigger & have obvious aura - E

1.21.4. Toldot Add a "chunky" chain to the hook thing - E Bug: hook towers falls through the floor - E "Omni" on Others Screens - Darkness from the outside, creeping in. - E "Omni" Aura that sucks players and creeps in at pace of normal walking backwards (players need to turn and run to escape it, dugg wouldn't be fast enough even doing this), For 3 seconds he is invulnerable and goes transparant, for 3 seconds he's not.

1.21.5. Tov Leap animation needs to be a Stabbing downwards holding sword downwards vertically. - E Attack aura bonus needs to be more obvious - E "Omni" on Others Screens -Fire from the outside - E Have firewalk leaving trail behind him - E "Omni" Whenever he hits someone, they take normal damage and catch fire. Fire does same amount of damage over 5 seconds.

1.21.6. Aravah Arrow trails should be light green & arrows should do minor poison damage - E "Omni" on Others Screens - Green vines growing. - E "Omni"- Constant minor regen on all characters within 7 meters & aura. - E "Omni"- Time to regen health of herself reduced to 2 seconds. - E Ulti should last twice as long and be thicker - E

1.21.7. Impulse Ulti description needs to say *how* much percentage is lost and gained per hit. - E "Omni" - Get's 50% faster movement & is visible for one second and invisible (still vulnerable) for the next 2. There's blue lightning spark when she shows and just before going invisible. +60% att spd - E "Omni" on other screens - Green sickness - E Ulti should cause blood bursts to errupt from the player after every hit, perhaps have daggers that stick in and stay on the character with each hit too - E "Omni" Get's a minor poison aura, doing minor damage to all enemies nearby. - E Ulti should give VERY different camera angles for each strike made - E

1.21.8. Raa "Omni" on other screens - Red blood coming down screen - E "Omni" Constant minor lifedrain (equal to 0.5 of the item that does it), aura similar to a smaller version of current odin blast, whenever creeps die in the cloud following him, they come back as his (with his version skin etc) (30 limit) - E Show summon capacity and currently summoned in bottom middle - E Ulti Zoom right out to a see through red cone of potential drain life - E

1.21.9. Navi "Omni" on other screens - Cybernetics start coming along edge of screen - E "Omni" Her Blasts now do splash damage and explode on contact doing 1.5x damage in a 3meter radius, +30% attack speed, +30% move speed. - E

1.21.10. Eleanor "Omni" On other screens golden light coming in - E "Omni' - Gains thorns aura on herself and other creeps, all damage is reduce by 40% & doing 60% of the reduced damage as return, blasts are reflected back in the same way (still doing normal damage to her) - E

1.22. Auto update and patcher - E

1.22.1. For Sam? - A Given to Sam - E

1.23. Character Skill Abilities - E

1.24. Passive Abilities Shown - E

1.25. Camera system for Ultis - I

1.26. Thuderdome - E

2. Marketing Ideas/Methods

2.1. YouTube Channel : OmniGameVision - E

2.1.1. Weekly Spotlight Video - E

2.1.2. Apple type Studio Video - E

2.2. Facebook Fanpage : - E

2.2.1. Facebook Sponsored Stories Ad - E

2.2.2. Facebook Regular Ad - E Getting on average 40,000 impressions every 3 days using this now, but very few if any clicks. - E

2.2.3. Lightmare Legion Marketing - E Encourage general gamer talk about what makes a good game - not necessarily about Omni - AR Posts of interesting game info - concept art, downloadable wallpapers, high res imagery, level maps - AR New character - Lightmare Community Gamer Girl to invite fans to interact on page and ignite discussions - AR

2.2.4. Why are "we" as the Champions of Valhalla Lightmare not using the page? - E Nothing incites a person to use the page, all you can do is say "Hey, I like Omni!" -Ian Perhaps students are invited to make suggestions for improvements on the page weekly and the best one wins something. Agreed that too many generic 'Wow Omni is great' posts just looks staged. - AR

2.3. Key Trailers

2.3.1. Public Trailer - VSL DoTA, then HoN/LoL then OMNI - E "This is all in game footage" - E This should be Pre-Release footage, that makes the client want to see the end product more - Angus

2.4. * Google Adword * Press Releases * Special Events (promotion on the Queen St Mall) * Local newspaper * Radio Shows * TV shows * Banners, ads on websites - P

2.4.1. Local promotion at LAN cafes - A Facebook or any other social network link on the splash screen to invite friends to join the game - P

2.5. Omni Forum - P

2.6. Omni Stickers - P

2.7. Company Business card printed with Omni logo or Omni Business cards - P

2.7.1. prints cost effective, excellent quality cards (and stickers, greeting cards, postcards) and can put a different picture on each of 50 cards for no extra cost. - AR

2.8. Philiprimo Distributorship - E

2.8.1. 50/50 split on sale with Philippine Lan Cafes, they get the Philliprimo Edition, with Agent Coyle alternate costume & Loading Screen - E More shots of character close ups and sweeping shots, giving better engagement with game story, look and feel. Also hire voiceover artist and high end editor, include high end motion graphics. (I know people ;) ) - AR Philiprimo Edition Trailer - E - E

2.8.2. Flag and/or Title of the Affiliate - E

2.8.3. "AC - Philiprimo" Skin - E

2.8.4. "AC - One" Skin - E

2.9. Starter Edition - E

2.10. Buy Lightmare Edition from Fanpage - E

2.11. Tournaments - E

2.12. Origin: The original Website (eg: etc), Internet Cafe (Using their logo etc), or Clan (using their uploaded logo and as long as they order 4 copies upfront at discounted rate) - E

2.12.1. Exclusive bonus is chosen by the Clan or *Uploaded* and approved by Lightmare. Legally we will be able to release the approved skin for purchase, they get a commission and it's called the name of their clan. - E

2.13. Guest Passes - E

2.14. Survey using Netopia or other to gain Userbase knowledge. - 1 - 10 of want with examples on each extreme of each entry. - E

3. “Nothing Else Works, Nothing Else Matters; Valhalla Studios Lightmare needs to make a Hit.”

4. My Geistesblitzes

4.1. Mentor Requesting like Settlers 7 - E

4.2. Design landing page like a video game - E

4.3. Feedback page upon quitting - E

4.4. Scrolling Tickets of Mates - E

4.5. Don't show 5-10% on own health bar

4.6. Noob achievements get 3 first game

4.7. Dying to tower half OMNI - white nothing else?

4.8. Invert Mouse

4.9. Spells aren't obvious

4.10. OMNI makes you 50% bigger

4.11. Lvl up gives 50% life & mana back

4.12. Achievements not working as intended

5. 3D Graphics

5.1. Improve animations for all characters - P

5.1.1. Need an animator. -Ian Like :) - P Work Exp Peeps - E

5.2. We really need to stop feature creeping new assets, art time for omni unity was originally just going to be a port from XNA models to Unity Engine, we all got distracted by improving the game when the timeline allocation was specified for only a port -A

5.2.1. Yeah, this isn't a port anymore, it's become Omni 2 -Ian

6. Things learned from omni

6.1. Plan everything out ahead of time. Time spent in preproduction saves months of dev time. -Ian and Shiraz

6.1.1. Preset tech made whilst in concept stage, Looking at the concepted scenes/characters/Quality Margin and dot point required technical specs - A

6.1.2. Completely agreed. Next time we spend month or two planning a game of this scale - E

6.2. Standardization and more resources will allow for much much nicer looking games. - Shiraz

6.3. Art style must be defined from the start, "everything goes" doesn't work. - S

6.3.1. Who said the comment a layer up, no sig? - E. that was shiraz -A Thanks Angus - E

6.4. Smooth frames rates and optimizations come from game design from the ground up, not technical tricks later. Game needs to be designed in a way that what is viewable is controlled. Line of sight blocking etc. -Ian

7. Game Comparisons & Learnings

7.1. Monday Night Combat PROS's - E

7.1.1. MNC seems TOO good has too many options - E

7.1.2. So much graphical & audio detail to the humour, but the game flopped coz of bugs - E

7.1.3. Great style and humor - E

7.1.4. Upgrading Turrets - E

7.1.5. Customising chars at $15k is good - E

7.1.6. Feels more 3d than OMNI with jump pads - E

7.1.7. No AI Bots!? No wonder it flopped! - E

7.1.8. Show Map at start - E

7.1.9. Arena feel - I

7.1.10. Lobby - Wins/Loss - D

7.1.11. Quick Cycle to next game - D

7.1.12. Graphics and artstyle - A

7.1.13. Prompting using equation to Spend Money - D "Press Esc to Buy" - I Glowing money stat in corner - E

7.1.14. Putting into Tutorial Regen by staying back - D

7.1.15. Load Screens - S

7.2. DoTA - V

7.3. League of Legends - V

7.3.1. Death Recap - E

7.3.2. Players against AI game - E


7.5. Heroes of Newerth - V

7.6. Harsh reality: The real problem is that Omni is NOT special. It's a DotA clone, and right from the start we were told to make a DotA clone, and that's all it'll ever be. All we can ever do is try to be the BEST DotA clone. -Ian

7.6.1. True success will come if people see Omni as THE competitive battle arena type game. Lesser success will come if the game is a fun casual game. -Ian Agreed - E

7.7. Monday Night Combat CONS's - E

7.7.1. Too easy to die -S

7.7.2. Upg one ability all the way - D

7.7.3. No feeling of moving forward constantly coz of turret respawn - E

7.7.4. Time up weird, not natural. - E

7.7.5. Buttons config all over the place - I

7.7.6. Lack of counters (you being mounted for a kill, just pray) - An

7.7.7. Characters had such personality but didn't come through in game - AR

7.7.8. Randomisation of effects (so everything is a killshot, but sometimes randomly they wont die, either kill or dont) An

7.7.9. Tutorial Crashed Twice - AR

7.7.10. Killshots - S

7.7.11. Just wasn't a whole lot of -I

7.8. Tap Pet Hotel - E

8. GamePlay Mechanics - Done & Implemented

8.1. Epic buildup of Epicness - E

8.1.1. 4 creeps 5mins -> 8 creeps till 10mins -> 12 cre till 15mins -> SC 20mins- E

8.1.2. 30% increase in creeps stats - E

8.1.3. 50% increase bounty xp & gold - E

8.2. Agent Coyle

8.2.1. 1: Assassination - Spin with sword to sniper shot stunning for 1 second longer than it takes to make the shot, shot should do a lot of damage, 20% of total health, recast to creeps, say 15 secs - E

8.2.2. 2: Multiplication - Makes 4 Copies of AC, one in front, back, and each side facing outwards, each doing different AI actions - E

8.2.3. 3: Domination - All enemy creeps turn on each other, All enemy players within 7 meters jump uncontrollably. - E

8.2.4. 4: Assimilation - Gains abilities of whoever is looked at, ***friend or foe*** until ability used, reset counter 1 second unless ulti is used, then 80 seconds - 80% strength - E

8.2.5. Needs pistol back for Ranged - E Reduce cost by 50% reduce damage by 30%

8.3. Chat messages don't stay up long enough need to stay up 3x longer. - E

8.4. Timer to show respawning - E

8.5. Level up should give 50% health and mana back. - E - Rejected for Gameplay balancing

8.6. Make creeps get thrown around 2/3rds less during normal combat -E

8.7. Game timer showing on screen option in menus - E

8.8. Heartbeat 25% health - S

8.9. Beta's won't work together

8.10. Standard Music on loop - E

8.11. Opening Screen: GREEN BETA Publically Available Charcters [Picutures and names]

8.12. X on chars not available

8.13. Sound for Opening Scene - E

8.14. Going "Omni" at level 20 - E

8.14.1. Creeps on death get thrown - E

8.14.2. Different Colour Glows at high level (Eleanor: Gold, Dugg - Dark Green, Aravah - Light Green, Toldot - Purple, but much bigger, Raa - Dark Red, Tov - Orange, Executioner - Grey, Impulse - None, Navi - Blue, - E

8.14.3. Large Shockwave effect from character - E

8.14.4. Only 1 character at a time is "Omni", effect gets passed to whoever killed them - I

8.14.5. For this Green Version of OMNI just make each character get +50% attk speed, +40% move, +70% life.

9. GamePlay Mechanics - Ideas

9.1. Exploration: Secrets - E

9.2. New Characters - E

9.2.1. Space Marine - E

9.2.2. Engineer - E

9.2.3. Ninja - I

9.2.4. Barbarian - E

9.2.5. Transforming Train : - E

9.3. Leagues -E

9.4. Profiles

9.5. Any ideas from iPhone games around getting people to return to the game at least once a week. - E

9.6. Side HUD on Bad guys nearby - E

9.7. Win Scenes - E

9.7.1. North -Panning over parts of the street level of the map with green growing everywhere, and creeps being changed into good creeps. - E

9.7.2. South - Panning over top of map with explosions everwhere and all good creeps being sucked into the vortex - E

9.8. Flag Capture feels worthless, perhaps make it easy to die, but not guaranteed if grabbing before towers are down. - E

9.9. Flag needs to be insanely obvious - E

9.9.1. Make them feel like they're being ripped out of somewhere important, like a generator powering the vortex, or the heart of the tree. - E

9.10. Different Modes - E

9.10.1. Commander Wars : Only able to pick one commander (first player to do so), the rest are luitennants. Whole team is advantaged every time the Commander is killed. The Commander gives a bonus aura to whole team. Players cannot change characters mid game. - E

9.10.2. Highlander : Each Player can only pick one of each character. Players cannot change characters mid game. - E

9.11. Prerelase Tournament of each new character and Skin - E

9.12. Open up the sweet areas you can't get to normally - AR

9.12.1. We could make them secrets that are opened up once mapped should the game do very well. - E

10. "The Last 5% of the Game's Creation is 50% of the reason people keep playing it."