Dangerous Highschool Situations and Solutions

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Dangerous Highschool Situations and Solutions by Mind Map: Dangerous Highschool Situations and Solutions

1. Situations Leading to Injury

1.1. Drug abuse

1.1.1. future effects on health addiction Dropping out of school not getting diplomas and courses from university to then get a decent career or job not having proper support than can be provided from faculty and admin Life and Death Situations driving well under the influence Therapy needed for all of these issues sources need to be provided for members as well as family and relatives

1.2. Alcohol abuse

1.2.1. similar circumstances to drug abuse Driving under the influence harm yourself harm others

1.3. Depression

1.3.1. isolation from others distancing yourself relationship issues Family issues friendship issues social life and time with other people disappear social skills vanish school grades drop

1.4. Fighting

1.4.1. injury statuses

2. High Risk Situations

2.1. Bullying

2.2. Depression

2.3. negative school conflict

3. Different types of violence and their impacts

3.1. In any form, violence and abuse profoundly affect individual health and well - being

3.2. Physical Violence

3.3. Emotional Violence

3.4. Psychological Violence

3.5. Cultural violence

3.6. Verbal Abuse

3.7. Neglect

3.8. Domestic violence

4. Support Services in Preventing Violence

4.1. Women's Resource and Drop in Centre

4.2. Society for community peace

5. Peer Pressure

5.1. can lead to issues such as drug abuse, alchohol abuse, and circumstances with group dynamics where you could unintentionally be involving yourself with "the wrong crowd"

5.1.1. could end up hurting other people by just association and leading to rumours or gossip of what is said

5.1.2. look to situations leading to injury for more on drug and alcohol abuse

6. Applying Possible Solutions

6.1. keep conversation open with admin and faculty of school

6.1.1. if a situation occurs that creates a circumstance in which you do not feel comfortable you must talk to someone whether this starts off small finding someone you feel you can trust, to a larger scale of support services and counseling. talking to someone is never going to get you in more trouble, even if thats what the situation feels like

6.2. keep conversation open with your family members, relatives, guardians. This allows them to be involved in the happenings of your life and help to direct tricky issues

6.2.1. this can help in preventing a problem instead of fixing an issue after its resulted

7. Aggressive people

7.1. impulsive decisions

8. Hazing

8.1. Gangs

8.1.1. don't get involved with people in gangs stay away from situations that involve people you do not feel comfortable around

8.1.2. Peer Pressure

8.1.3. Keep conversation open with family members and friends, potentially school admin if the situation involves school if you are going somewhere that may not feel comfortable or safe, notify someone the place you are going and particular time you should be back at this provides a solution if you get in a risky situation someone is thinking about you and find help

8.2. being forced into something you are not prepared or comfortable for

8.2.1. need to reach out to a teacher but you're worried if you do this you will get into even more trouble and they will beat you up even more to recover from these panic thoughts you must first realize by talking to somebody even though you may be worried they will hurt you even more, their are support services and helpful adults that can and will keep you safe if you are able to remain calm and explain the situation rationally.

9. Poor /Abusive Relationships

9.1. Controlling Behaviours

10. Popularity

10.1. depression can result if too much pressure is placed and jealousy and envy

10.1.1. "cliques and group dynamics" Loneliness

11. Recognizing Bullying Behaviour

11.1. possessive

11.2. continuous

11.2.1. in order for it to be considered bullying as discussed in younger ages it has to be done more than once one mean comment although distructive can be considered differently than bullying as it is not continuous on one participant

11.3. targeted

11.4. need to reach out to guardians and school faculty / admin and teachers

12. Dramatic People

12.1. can raise situations and create problems out of seemingly nothing

12.2. sometimes may have to be ignored as if they are not shown interest in , they themselves may lose interest

12.2.1. can look for drama and can be used as a form of harassment on people because of social media aspects and popularity aspects. social life can be affected and relationships broken

12.3. rumours created

12.3.1. detrimental affects on self esteem

13. Rumours / Gossiping

13.1. strongly hurt self esteem

13.2. create untruthful situations and standards of people

13.2.1. result in problem circumstances

13.3. rude and create rivalries

13.4. talking behind peoples backs

13.4.1. the truth still leaks and ends up hurting the participant being talked about

13.5. contact someone like the social advisor in your school who can help with friendship issues

13.5.1. if problem and words used are strong enough to spark real problems and concern drastic measures can and will be taken acts with the principals and certain policies are put in place

14. Harassment

14.1. little minions who follow you around everywhere

14.2. continuous remarks and comments with intentions of hurt

14.3. connect to other forms and high risk situations

15. Incompetent people

15.1. group work and situations

15.1.1. dealing with how to navigate them without snapping and losing it on people

15.2. the baffoons of the world

15.3. can't always open your mouth because a fight may result

15.3.1. need to learn to bite your tongue

15.4. avoidance

15.5. bullying

16. Policies

16.1. school admin

16.1.1. code of conduct

16.1.2. zero tolerance

16.1.3. codes

16.1.4. conducting awareness

16.1.5. helpline

16.1.6. discipline

16.2. expectations

16.2.1. counseling

17. Avoidance Techniques

17.1. distance yourself from the problem

18. Relationships

18.1. navigating a relationship is tricky thing and you have to make sure respect is held in members.

18.1.1. if issues arise of a controlling partner you must communicate your concerns if this ends up heightening the anger in the situation this is a major safety issue in a relationship of any kind, including friendships and family relationships come to a negotiated agreement and compromise

19. Revenge

19.1. is not the answer

20. Miscommunication

20.1. see relationships

20.2. Creates crossed boundaries

20.3. members uncomfortable with situation

20.3.1. but because of not communicating situation can escalate and put you in a risk situation

21. Respect

21.1. has to be held in all parties of situations in order to prevent other issues arriving in the start of another or continuing/making worse of a situation.