Physical Education - Ms Park

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Physical Education - Ms Park by Mind Map: Physical Education - Ms Park

1. Badminton

1.1. Once we were taught the different skills I really enjoyed doing badminton

1.2. I had never done this sport before

1.3. I like this sport

2. Swimming

2.1. I swam the most out of the grade 11 girls

2.2. I improved my swimming skills dramatically

2.3. I only missed one lesson

3. Softball

3.1. This was outside which was a bit hot

3.2. We did catching skills and batting skills

3.3. The we played a real game which was interesting

4. Overall

4.1. I am getting an A in this subject

4.2. I love doing sport it keeps you healthy

4.3. I liked all the sports we did over all

5. Theory

5.1. This was inside a classroom

5.2. We laernt about different body types

5.3. Thos was interesting to see that even if you are skinny it does not mean you are healthy

6. Track and Field

6.1. We also learnt how to stretch our muscles

6.2. I did after school track and field which i really liked so i was happy when we did it in p.e

6.3. I thought i would hate swimming but i turned out to really enjoy it

6.4. We mostly did running, shotput and long jump

7. Track and Field

7.1. The rackets are hard to use at the start because they are smaller than a tennis racket which I am used to

7.2. It is really fun

7.3. Once you get into the game you just keep going

7.4. Last class I was the goaly but i wasn't very good at it

8. Track and Field