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Thesis Statement 1: by Mind Map: Thesis Statement 1:
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Thesis Statement 1:

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

1. Theology is at the core of Jesuit Education.

One of the primary goals of Jesuit education is to instill in the students of our universities the skills and abilities to respond in their own unique ways to God's call to them for the realization of their own authenticity.

What is theological education?

Jesuit education is most itself when it asks "God Questions", the larger context of your choices & plans, asking yourself where God fits in the bigger picture, or perhaps where I fit in God's bigger picture.

2. It is the critical/intelligent reflection on the meaning of our human (personal/communal) experiences in the light of God's revelation


... and some great ideas too!

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3. It addresses the whole person in his/her intellectual, moral, and spiritual life affirming the informative, formative, and transformative goal of theological education.

Its key components are

faith: not just something to think about, but something to think with

4. Theological education for thinking faith is imperative in the times we live in.

One crisis: Careerism

A matter of faith is at stake, not just a practical matter