Unsustainable Agriculture

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Unsustainable Agriculture by Mind Map: Unsustainable Agriculture

1. Social Impacts

1.1. Health

1.1.1. Pesticide use Unprotected workers

1.1.2. Groundwater infiltration

2. Environment

2.1. Crops

2.1.1. Monocultures Pest risks

2.2. Water

2.2.1. Consumption Monocultures Cash crops

2.2.2. Availability Infrastructure Irrigation Climate change

2.2.3. Contamination Fertilizer runoff Pesticide runoff

2.3. Land

2.3.1. Soil depletion Fertilizer dependancy

3. Economic

3.1. Industrial farming

3.1.1. Elimination of small scale farms Rural decline Increased urbanization

3.1.2. Monocultures Pesticide Economic dependancy Fetilizer Economic dependancy Industrial tools Economic dependancy