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Mark Mosher Discography by Mind Map: Mark Mosher Discography
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Mark Mosher Discography

Original Albums

Reboot 2009

Dark Scifi Techno

I Hear Your Signals 2010

Dark Scifi Techno

No Ghosts. Just Fear.

Dark Ambient


Electro-Music 012 Sampler CD


Oceans (All Proceeds go to Charity)

Metamorphosis Under the Chatham Light

Mountain Skies Electro-Music Festival CD


Take to the Trees (All Proceeds go to Charity)

And What Do The Trees Hear When the Wind Blows?

Digital Graffit


Electro-Music 2011 Sampler CD

"Dark Signals"


Film One Six Right

Extra Features on DV, "Flight"

Soundtrack, "Flight"


Flurescent Echo - Glow

I contributed track 11 "Now is Now"