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Tcm .Net Framework Overview by Mind Map: Tcm .Net Framework Overview
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Tcm .Net Framework Overview


Framework Overview

Techs Used Overview


"Model driven"

Business develop Focus

Handy dev

Consistent coding

Easy Mnt

Framework Diagram

Each Component

Brief Introduction  

Data Flow

1) The user clicks on one of the navigator item, so Navigator invokes XmlForm Runtime to launch the corresponding XmlForm. 2) XmlForm Runtime deserializes the XmlForm file and initializes the corresponding Controller (Windows form) instance, then attaches the associated FormPlugin to the Controller instance. 3) Either Controller or FormPlugin invokes a service method through Service Proxy in order to response to the user's action on the form. 4) Service Proxy accesses the web service by using WCF. 5) Service Broker receives the web service request from client, then initializes a database transaction, and invokes the proper Manager method to proceed the business logic and catches all the unhandled exceptions in the Manager method. 6) Manager manipulates business entity through DAO object to finish the business logic. 7) DAO utilizes NHibernate component to execute the entity query. 8) NHibernate converts the entity query to the database query and then execute it through native SQL Client (for SQL Server) or ODBC driver (for ISAM File).  

Folder Structure



(1)generat service broker/ client proxy. (2)build all solution (3)utility pl scripts.

Tcm.sln Solution View

Package Overview

(1)Package Responsblility (2) Business Code ->Script, Script.Shared, Service implementation  

Other Techs


One of the best UI Presentation Framework Commercial but Complex, we wrapped to TcmEditors      



OR Mapping Tool Relay on

It’s library that can be used by to access data and data services. NHibernate also relies upon it, but sometimes we could simply use ADO.Net directly in application code to inquiry/update data, especially when we want to operate upon DataTable instead of entity    


(1) what is the relationship of Controller and Formplugin

(2) what is xmlform runtime, relation to controller and formplugin

(3) what is business entity/ object