Social studies: Bonding singapore

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Social studies: Bonding singapore by Mind Map: Social studies: Bonding singapore

1. Challenges of a Multi-Ethnic Society.

1.1. Managing perceptions of different racial groups

1.1.1. Differences withing the perception can affect singapore and cause conflict

1.1.2. members of a particular racial group may see actions taken by another racial to be damaging to them and may lead to anger, suspicion, hatred or even conflict

1.1.3. Example is the racial riots To win the support and votes of the malay of singapore, UMNO leaders used resettlement plans as an issue and the malay were led to believe that they were being discriminated and chased out of their traditional home by the PAP consisted of mainly chinessel As a result, the government had to take steps to explain the misconception and bring about understanding between the two group in order to restore harmony in society

1.2. Managing perceptions of different religious group

1.2.1. it can be a thret to singapore as they affect social cohesion in a multi ethnic society and could lead to conflict if it is not managed well

1.2.2. It can affect social cohesion and cause conflict because member of a particular religious group may see actions of another group to be disrespectful and insukting to another. when it is not managed well, and is allowed to continue, unhappiness and anger may occur leading to violence taken out against the group that is perceived to be insukting or disrespectful

1.2.3. Example is the Maria hertogh riots in 1950. when the court did not give custody of maria to her muslim foster parent, and had only taken 5 minutes to come to that dicision, the muslim community felt that the british legal system did not respect the belief of the muslims and led to violence against the european community, As a result, there was loss of deaths and destruction to property,loss of revenue, closure of shops and an atmosphere of fear and tesion among the muslim and european community

1.3. External threats

1.3.1. Racial and religious issues are used as reason for terrorist acts committed globally as well as to create ill-feeling among the different ethnic group in singapore which might lead to conflict in a multi-ethnic society

1.3.2. Example is the arrest of the JI members in singapore these men were ordinary citizens of the country that embarked on terrorist acts that can put singapore in danger. as these men were from malay-muslim community, the arrests had brought about suspicion among the different ethnic groups in singapore towards the malay-muslim. as a result, the malay-muslim community felt that they had been unfairly targeted and this had also led to unhappiness. if it had not been properly managed, it coult result in conflict between the different ethnic groups in the country

1.4. Conclusion

1.4.1. For managing perception of different racial group/ religious group. INternal factor are important. we know from our history that racial and religious differences have caused problems in the part. the racial riot and maria hertogh riots demonstrated this, and showed that we cannot take our peace and harmony for granted, However, the factors such as perceptions of racial and religious differences must be a greated threat, however, because if these internal issues did not exist then the possibility of attacks from outside would not have the potential for putting our social hermony at risk

1.4.2. forces are the main threat, when the JI member were arrested for planning a terrorist attacks, political and religious leaders were united in condemning the plotters because they knew how important it is for everone to remain committed to living in harmony with each other