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Sexual Health by Mind Map: Sexual Health

1. Key Terms Define

1.1. -Heterosexual: when a person is attracted to the opposite sex -Homosexual: when a person is attracted to the same sex -Bisexual: when a person is attracted to both males and females. -Pansexual: when a person feels attracted to not only people from all genders but also transsexuals, transgenders, and also gender fluid people. -Monosexual: when a person does not feel sexually attracted to any "thing" -Autosexual: being a narcissist basically, except only loving yourself so much to the point where you feel "turned-on", and you don't feel sexually attracted to anyone else.

1.2. -Gender Identity: It's a what person A classifies themselves as on the sexual spectrum, based on experience. Person A could identify themselves as pansexual, for example, but a person could call the gay, or some other "wrong" label. -Gender Role: gender roles are assigned to people based upon their sexual identity, for example: if you're a male people will want you to work heavy labor jobs, or if you're a female you might be expected to do the cooking and cleaning. -Sexual orientation: hetero-sexual, homosexual, bisexual, etc. -Body Image: your body's image and how it affects your sexuality and behavior. It's very easy to make fun of someone that looks different, this goes for body image very well because if you're not "healthy" looking you're probably going to be made fun of, if you dress strange, have tattoos, piercings, etc, then you're probably going to get judged.

2. Examples of discrimination

2.1. -Over the past ~20 years America has made strides in equalizing the playing field for LGBT people but not so much for the rest of the world. In all Muslim countries in the world it is still very illegal. Not just Muslim countries though but in most Asian and third world countries it is very taboo. Australia recently approved of gay marriage stepping themselves further into the modern age. In Dubai ( a Muslim country) if you are found out as a gay person then you get stoned to death. That or being imprisoned for life.

2.2. Religion plays a large part in why LGBT people are discriminated against. In Islam gay people are viewed as the result of a poorly brought up child, a child who wasn't taught the right ways of Muslim.

3. Effects of the components of Health

3.1. Mental Health

3.1.1. -Let's go back to person B, the person who gets confronted by his parents. Feeling so restricted to his freedom of sexuality he gets depressed, and it's a fact that, in a the U.S of A at least, that 50% of all suicides are due to major depression. -Going upon the whole depression thing, some people might be more strong-minded and instead of getting oppressed they might feel offended and from that may very develop a prejudice against those people who discriminated them. From this new-found prejudice can come hatred and stress, always having to worry about being around these people. -Besides those as-for-mentioned scenarios there is another. Let's go back to Person B being forced to change. He could do 1 of the 2 things or he could just be ignorant and not care but when too much freedom is given to someone by themselves they tend to become dumb. And everyone knows what type of mental death can happen from being dumb.

3.1.2. Social Health if person A is a homosexual and dresses as they want, for example very flamboyantly, bright, etc. Then people make fun of them for that, person A might feel like trying to wear "normal" clothing which would discomfort him. -Person B is Bisexual. He gets confronted by his parents about the matter, and they tell him to be straight or else he's out the house, so he now has to "act" straight. Due to his new forced behavior he feels restricted. -Person C is a straight male but loves to "act gay". Even though he says he's straight and knows he is, he gets bullied by people for acting weird. Making the people around him not accept him due to being so weird. Emotional Health Spiritual Health -Having self-hate and low self-esteem will drive themselves into a depressed state that will be difficult to get out of. It is impossible to be happy if every way you feel about yourself are negatives thoughts.

4. Inter-Component Connections

4.1. With the effects of the different components of health, one leads to another. From physical to mind will dramatically affect how spiritual and emotional health with function or vice versa. For example, if a person doesn't eat properly and have health risks and concerns, it will affect how they feel about their physical appearance leading to another issue they may have that affects their spiritual health.

5. Ways to reduce discrimination

5.1. -Make Islam illegal: this might sound extremely outlandish but Islam is a very primitive religion that has destroyed the world so that would be number 1. Also because they abolish anything other than male or females that are hetero-sexual. -In countries such as Vietnam, China, and Indonesia where being gay looked on as bad I would create a group of LGBT people to have some influence on the governing system and make sure that these types of people don’t feel so different. Otherwise a comfort group. -Going back to our last project the PSA thing. I would most likely also make some other PSA about mental, physical, and emotional health of LGBT people and how they constantly feel with their struggles in life and show it to the world. YOUTUBE would be a good way to do this.

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