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LeanUXMachine, Usability Testing+, Daniel Szuc by Mind Map: LeanUXMachine, Usability Testing+, Daniel Szuc
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LeanUXMachine, Usability Testing+, Daniel Szuc


Company: Apogee

UX consulting

Based on Hong-Kong

Worked a lot on Design Research


Usability Kit

Global UX, soon to be released


UG on UX in Hong-Kong

It's really easy to copy

You need to think on your differentiator & core value

UX thoughts

Design is the key

Cross disciplinary

Holistic delivery

Small & nimble

to make decisions

Product roadmap

have one

Envisioning & UX vision

have a dream

People have an expectation before they perceive your product

If your product meets it, ok

If it exceeds it, great

We perceive things thru frames

The more you try to perceive beyond your frame, you get more insights

In the same way, Usability Testing is just 1 aspect, & you need to consider more

5 E's in Usability




Error tolerant

prevent error & quickly recover

Easy to learn

support orientation & deeper learning

Advice on company culture

Find shared language & values between the