School Lunch litter Speech Brainstorm

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School Lunch litter Speech Brainstorm by Mind Map: School Lunch litter Speech Brainstorm

1. Cost

1.1. The cost a skip is too much per year. so by taking our rubbish hme we reduce the cost of getting a truck to empty the skip.

1.2. Find out how much it costs to get the school skip to be taken away.

1.3. How much could we save if we reduced the amount of times the skip man had to come?

1.4. What could we spend the money that we have saved on?

2. Waste

2.1. All Christchurch homes have a recycle system

3. Tidy

3.1. If students take their rubbish home, then this helps keep the school ytidy, everyone working together is better than one person trying to clear up other people's.

3.2. In the past, bins used to get too full and spill out onto the school playground

4. Being Principled

5. Responsibilty

5.1. This gives us a chance to be responsible, this is good because...

6. Other point of view

6.1. It is going onto the rubbish tip anyway

6.2. What about the boarding house?

7. School Image

8. Introduction Hook

9. Facts

10. Rubbish Skips