Socialwave Funnels

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Socialwave Funnels by Mind Map: Socialwave Funnels

1. RDI SM2 Certificates

1.1. Social Media

1.1.1. Level 1 Introductory: How does social media work Digital literacy skills Social Media

1.1.2. Level 2 Intermediate: how to use social media Research Policy Development Social Media Impact Crisis Management Change Management/PolicyImplementation

1.2. Learning principles and delivery modes

1.2.1. Face to face for initial Social media training Subsequent course delivery using social media applications WIZIQ Academic Impressions

1.3. Social Marketing

1.3.1. Level 1/Overview Advanced: How can you use social media for social marketing Information dissemination Opinion Research Image management Service delivery Case Studies Ethical Issues Behavior change Bringing about change

1.3.2. Level 2/Indepth Topics and Cases Mohr The Chartered Institute of Marketing Social Media Wiki University of South Florida Weinreich Communications East Midlands-NSMC The Health Improvement & Development Service The summer institute for social marketing and health communication (Emerson College) University of Brighton

1.3.3. Level 3: Applied Project Use your acquired social media and social marketing skills to build your own social marketing campaign using social media.

2. Other Certificates and Programs

2.1. Lern

2.2. Carleton University CEPSM

2.2.1. Mike Kujawski

3. Needs Analysis framework

3.1. Partners

3.1.1. CEPSM

3.2. Advisory committee

3.2.1. Jack

3.2.2. Cam

3.2.3. Doug

3.2.4. Deb Basil U of Leth

3.3. Participant Database

3.3.1. CEPSM

3.3.2. RDI Contacts Manitoba Civil Service MAFRI

3.4. Timeline

3.5. Focus Groups

3.5.1. Why Social media Social marketing intro Mike Kujawski CEPSM Here comes everybody Ready or not Where are you at? Intro poll

3.5.2. Social Media applications in public & NGO sectors Use cases Collaborative mode History function Where would you like to be? Poll

3.5.3. Brainstorm RDI questions Certificate training appeal What should it be? Workshop Webinar Blended How should it be delivered? Poll

4. How Big is Social Media Marketing

4.1. Mashable

5. What is Social Media Marketing

5.1. Social Marketing

5.2. Social Media

5.3. Social Media Marketing

5.4. Social Marketing with Social Media

6. What is a needs analysis