Chapter 5: Reading College Textbooks

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Chapter 5: Reading College Textbooks by Mind Map: Chapter 5: Reading College Textbooks

1. 5.1: Active Reading

1.1. Previewing

1.1.1. Read Learning Objectives Main ideas/skills obtained from reading

1.1.2. Read Summary Import. ideas

1.1.3. Read Title What do I know about this subject?

1.1.4. Mapping Preview strategy Make wheel/ branching structure shows relationship between main and secondary ideas Visual Learners

1.1.5. Outlining/Listing Read/Write Learners Step by step image Identify Headings/subheadings Main/sub topics Terms

1.1.6. Chunking Divide terms into categories Remembered in chunks of 5, 7 or 9

1.1.7. Flash Cards Portable test questions Memorize Dates Definitions Formulas Visual/ Kinesthetic Learners

1.2. Marking

1.2.1. Annotate Notes about the reading Margin notes

1.2.2. Read before marking Read the section first Identify Import. Ideas Concepts

1.2.3. Think before marking Reflect Instructor emphasized terms? Most import. ideas? Avoid over marking Will it be on the test?

1.2.4. Take notes w/ marking Add notes to map/outline/list Don't just mark Read to understand section

1.2.5. Don't just highlight/underline Over Marking Form of procrastination Won't be able to identify key concepts

1.3. Reading w/ Concentration

1.3.1. Quiet study place Avoid distractions Go somewhere away from noise Avoid studying in bed You're conditioned to sleep

1.3.2. Power off/mute electronics Won't be tempted to check it Don't be tempted to check email/social media/chat/etc. Disconnect from WIFI

1.3.3. Read in blocks & take short breaks Be able to process reading easier

1.3.4. Set goals Reward yourself Motivate yourself during study time

1.3.5. Physical activity during breaks Trouble concentrating/staying awake Think positively about study goals

1.3.6. Actively engage in the material Write study questions Reread confusing parts Make not to ask instructor for help

1.3.7. Focus on import. sections Pay attention to... First/last sentences Bold/Italicized words

1.3.8. Understand the words Use glossary Use a dictionary

1.3.9. Reviewing Use 5 senses Read aloud Take items off your list as you do them Make diagrams/maps/outlines Post around living space Visualize during test

1.3.10. Organize Keep maps/outlines/lists/flash cards Use them as you read Add as you go

2. 5.2: Strategies for Reading Textbooks

2.1. Textbooks Aren't Created Equal

2.2. Math Texts

2.2.1. Do practice problems

2.2.2. Less reading

2.2.3. More examples

2.2.4. Learn formulas

2.3. Science Texts

2.3.1. Term based reading

2.3.2. Don't put in own words

2.3.3. Primary source documents

2.4. Social sciences/Humanities Texts

2.4.1. History, Economics & Political Sciences

2.4.2. Options/theories

2.4.3. Read primary sources

2.4.4. Ask questions about the subject

3. 5.3: Improving Your Reading

3.1. Monitoring Your Reading

3.1.1. Reread the material

3.1.2. Clarify the reading

3.1.3. Use a study group

3.2. Developing Your Vocabulary

3.2.1. Notice & write down unfamiliar terms during the text preview Flash cards List terms/ definitions

3.2.2. Think about context when coming across challenging words Use context clues to define

3.2.3. Consider a word's parts Analyze Roots Prefixes Suffixes Use if context clues don't work

3.2.4. Use glossary or dictionary Glossary: Help students define certain words Use dictionary if there isn't a glossary

3.2.5. Use new words in your writing and speaking Flash cards for reviewing definitions You'll know the word if you use it a few times