Effective Internet Searching

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Effective Internet Searching by Mind Map: Effective Internet Searching

1. Students need to understand what exactly it is that they are searching the internet for

2. Be aware of the quality of your search terms

2.1. Try to use simple search terms

2.2. if the initial results are not what you were looking for try to narrow down your search by filtering your results

2.3. Use quotation marks if you want the words your searching to be in the exact order in your results

3. Make sure that you look behind the first few results - the best sources are not always the ones that pop up first

4. Once you have entered a site you need to know how to determine if this site has the information you need

4.1. Use the search box - this will allow you to find where the exact words you need appear on the website

4.1.1. You can access this by clicking 'Control F (for a pc) / Command F' (for a mac)

4.2. You can't believe everything you read - make sure the information you are reading is reliable

4.2.1. You can do this by cross checking the information with information on other websites

5. If you find information from a source that you would like to use make sure that you cite where the information came from

5.1. This allows you from getting in trouble for plagiarism and copyright

5.2. Make sure that you never copy information you find word for you - instead paraphrase the information in your own words

5.3. If you are using information directly from a website or resource use quotation marks

6. Use more than one search engine during your quest

6.1. Every search engine will give you different results

7. Make sure to always be specific in your searching

8. Trim back the URL of a website to broaden the search

9. If you find a website that you found helpful search for similar internet pages

10. Make sure that you check the information you are reading has been produced by someone with credentials in the area

10.1. Anyone can post information on the internet so you want to make sure the information is reliable and accredited