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Human Teeth by Mind Map: Human Teeth

1. An adult has about 32 teeth

2. A tooth is made up of 3 main layers

3. You should take care of your teeth and brush them at least twice a day. (click on the link)

4. Incisors

4.1. Located at the front of the mouth

4.1.1. For cutting and tearing food

5. Canines

5.1. Located behind the incisors.

5.1.1. Also for cutting and tearing food

5.2. Named after dogs (canines)

6. Molars

6.1. Located behind the premolars

6.1.1. For breaking up and grinding food

7. Premolars

7.1. Behind the canines and in front of the molars

7.1.1. For breaking up and grinding foor