Masters: Brainstorm

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Learning by Mind Map: Learning

1. Financial Motivation

1.1. Knowledge choice based on career earnings

2. Problem Solving Instruction

2.1. Pure Lab Instruction?

3. Cognative Learning Theory

4. Social Media connection to Learning

4.1. Private vs. Public Learning?

5. Grade Popularity?

5.1. Grading in social sphere, impact on learning/motivation to learn?

6. Course Mapping: Reduce time understanding outcomes, a higher focus on learning?

7. Professionals

7.1. Validation and Informing Learning

7.2. Direct Connection to Classroom

7.2.1. Students validate knowledge with industry Best way to bring industry into classroom? Social Media!

8. Used Textbooks

8.1. Social Sharing and Book Sales?

8.2. Connecting Students to Experience?

8.3. Jobs?

9. Motivation to Learn

10. Tech 101

10.1. Having a technical literacy prior to commencement of learning.

11. Outcomes related to occupations