Vinson Biblical Timeline

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Vinson Biblical Timeline by Mind Map: Vinson Biblical Timeline

1. The Creation of the World

2. Special Thanks to the Ministry of Free Bible images: Free downloadable pictures illustrating stories from the Bible

3. The Period of Patriarchs and Matriarchs

4. Adam and Eve, Cain and Able, Noah, the Tower of Babel

5. The Crossing of the Red Sea, The Exodus.

6. Abraham and Sarah renamed, Issac and Ishmael are chosen Jacob and Esau battle it out Jacob is renamed Israel Joseph Interprets for Pharaoh Hebrew People saved/ enslaved

7. Moses and Aron face Pharaoh God sends his plagues on Egypt God Redeems His people

8. In The Wilderness, Moses and Aaron struggle with the willful Hebrews for 40 years

9. Pentecost Comes as the Holy Spirit comes to dwell in the Hearts of Christians

10. Forward into the Promised Land, Joshua and Tribes of Israel bring the Ark into the Promised Land

11. The Judges, Samson and Delilah, Gideon, and Israel fight against the Philistines!

12. Solomon ask for wisdom and is allowed to build the Holy Temple

13. David slays Goliath and takes Michal as his wife and becomes the son in law of Saul

14. Saul, the Kingdom Begins

15. Divided Israel

16. Solomon's Reign Setup a tension that rips the Kingdom Apart

17. The Temple Era Begins

18. David battles His own Son, Absalom for the Throne

19. Fall of Northern Kingdom

20. Fall of Judah

21. Reform of King Josiah, his zeal for God's Word and prayers were a major inspiration for the Church Reformation

22. Captivity of Israel, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abedinigo taken to the house of Eunuchs, Daniel spends a lifetime serving Israel's enemies as a counselor and his integrity lays the ground work for the restoration of Israel

23. Return to Israel, Nehemiah rebuilds the Wall, Esther saves her people, Ezra works to restore Israel

24. Post exile Israel struggles to return to its Glory, Malachai, Obediah, Joel prophesy of a coming Messiah

25. The Reign of the Macabees

26. Invasion of the Roman Empire

27. Pompei the Great

28. The Festival of Lights, the temple candles miraculously stay lit

29. Birth of Christ, Mary and Joseph escape Herod, John the Baptist is born first and miraculously named by his father

30. Christ Teaches and Heals, The Apostles Ordained, the Dead are Raised, the Lame walk

31. Jesus miracles prove his sovereignty over the elements

32. Christ suffers and dies proving his Humanity

33. The Ressurection of Jesus Christ, Death and Hell are defeted

34. Jesus is Baptized as he begins his ministry

35. Paul's Ministry begins as the Church spreads to the Gentiles

36. Paul take 3 Missionary Journeys, The New Testament is Written, the Ground work for our ministries are laid in stone