My first Jane's Island State Park camping trip!

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My first Jane's Island State Park camping trip! by Mind Map: My first Jane's Island State Park camping trip!

1. boat

1.1. trip 0

1.1.1. to beach

1.1.2. caught crab in a net my first time holding live crab didn't get bit

1.1.3. swimming bay Alex and I had to get saved by mom and dad beach water was very warm

1.2. trip 01

1.2.1. a trip up the shallows to see the white sand beach the sand was so white, I had to squint to see it

2. camp

2.1. good hammock trees

2.2. tents

2.2.1. we had 3 tents (one for mom and dad, one for Alex and I, and a storage tent.)

2.2.2. mom n dad

2.2.3. alex n i

2.2.4. storage

2.3. fire pit

2.3.1. Incendio with pine chats

2.3.2. roasted hotdogs & marshmallows

3. Fishing

3.1. dock

3.1.1. bait squid, shrimp, lure, etc.

3.2. boat

3.2.1. Alex caught crab plopped right off the line

4. Timeline

4.1. Day 01

4.1.1. Arrival

4.1.2. CampStore sign in Dad & Alex bought firewood

4.1.3. Mom & I looked for our spot, #52

4.1.4. Set up camp

4.1.5. Dad, Alex & I went for a bike ride

4.1.6. Roasted Hotdogs on double - skewers

4.1.7. went to observation tower

4.1.8. roasted marshmallows at the campground bonfire made s'mores out of them

4.1.9. went back to camp and sat around the fire dad told a scary story

4.1.10. bed, sleep

4.2. Day 02

4.2.1. had eggs & sausage for breakfast (mmmm)

4.2.2. bike ride through woods trails found spots 73 & 81 rode along river's edge (where we found 73 & 81)

4.2.3. went to Crisfield, a nearby town, for supplies ( just mayonaise)

4.2.4. made sandwiches for lunch (they were good)

4.2.5. put boat in water went for a ride

4.2.6. came back for community day ( Larvitar ) I didn't get a shiny or even a Tyranitar

4.2.7. went for another boat ride

4.2.8. when we got back from the boat ride, we ( Dad, Alex and I ) fished on the dock and watched the sunset ( I also looked for turtle heads poking out of the water.

4.2.9. had fish n veggies n stuff like that for dinner

4.2.10. had more s'mores for dessert I had my own personal s'more

4.2.11. dad told another spooky story

4.2.12. Dad, Alex & I rode our bikes to the bath - house to get showers

4.2.13. went back to camp and went to bed

4.3. Day 03

4.3.1. got up

4.3.2. packed up camp

4.3.3. Alex went on bike ride

4.3.4. We all went on a boat ride to tangier sound

4.3.5. came back

4.3.6. Finally, The camping trip has come to an end. Then, we went home. :) :) :) :)