Strength to Deliver® - Become an All-round Dream Achiever

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Strength to Deliver® - Become an All-round Dream Achiever by Mind Map: Strength to Deliver®  -  Become an All-round Dream Achiever

1. 2. Rebuild or start afresh by taking action steps

1.1. Acquire knowledege

1.2. Plan & Stategize

1.3. Gather resources

1.4. Follow through by taking one step after the other

1.5. Celebrate your small wins along the way

1.6. Perform regular evaluation & collect feedback

1.7. Based on the feedback, amplify what is working and stop what is not.

1.8. Maintain momentum all the way till you realize your dream

1.9. Celebrate your big win & give gratitude to those who helped along the way.

2. 3. Repeat Steps 1 & 2 on a new dream that you conceive or a new goal you want to achieve

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4. 1. Revive an old dream / Conceive a new dream

4.1. Your Past

4.1.1. Forgive the past

4.1.2. Declutter your life & environment

4.2. Your Present

4.2.1. Recognize your uniqueness

4.2.2. Focus on your stengths

4.2.3. Take your position in the driver's seat

4.3. Your future

4.3.1. Surround yourself with discerning companions

4.3.2. Channel your anger about the past into a positive path

5. 4. Multiply your dream achievements by taking on dream goals in diverse areas of your life

5.1. Family & Relationships

5.2. Career

5.3. Health & Fitness

5.4. Business

5.5. Leisure

5.6. Spiritual

5.7. Legacy

5.8. Personal development