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space by Mind Map: space

1. Space is a place with no sound , billions of stars and galaxies. Throughout history people have wondered about space. Some important features of space are down below

1.1. Introduction

2. What is the closest galaxy to our galaxy.

2.1. Some importent features of space are that the closest galaxy to our galaxy is the andromeda galaxy. It is about a distince of 2.5 lightyears away from our galaxy. The andromeda galaxy is justy like the milky way. In fact our galaxy is on one of the milky ways arms.

3. plants are surrounding the sun all the time. Saturn has a big ring around it and the ring is made out of dust,rocks and ice. Venus is the hottest planet but it is not the closest planet to the sun. Jupiter is the biggest planet, Jupiter is all different type of colors. Mercury is the smallest planet but it is the smallest planet.

4. The hubble telescope

4.1. The Hubble Telescope was sent into space on April the 24 of 1990. The hubble telescope was named after Edwin Powell Hubble. In between 1889-1953 Edwin Powell Hubble have discovered some of the most important modern discoveries. Edwin powell hubble had found his passion that was stars after he had found his passion he went to world war l. The hubble telescope launched into our orbit so we can see more further out into space with the hubble telescope then just see not very far with our naked eye.

5. planets