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Implementing Agile Team Workshop by Mind Map: Implementing Agile Team Workshop
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Implementing Agile Team Workshop


Regular delivery of high-quality working software

Transparency into workings of process

Daily visibility of progress

What is the value?

Frequent opportunities to select most important items for development

Make ongoing efforts to increase quantity, frequency, lead time to delivery

Build team board

Start with current value stream

Start / exit points for controlling work

Visualize work queues

Establish limits

Suggest something, bring down until hurts, continue down until hurts differently

Define set of work items

Defects, Different classes?


New development / enhancements


Input coordination - prioritization meeting


When / how often


Release / delivery cadence

How often

Factor effort involved, schedule needs of stakeholders

Lead-time target for each class of service of work items

What to track electronically?

Card design

Post up the work that is currently in progress

How to work together

Establish metrics

Key data points

Work requested

Work started

Work finished

Cycle time

scatter diagram, clusters created - S,M,L




Control Flow?

Day 1 Morning

Goals for Agile

Optimize existing processes

Deliver with high quality

Improve lead time with predictability

Improve employee satisfaction

Provide slack to enable improvement

Simplify prioritization

Provide transparency on system design and operation

Design a process to enable emergence of high maturity org

Agile Intro

Ball flow game

Penny game

Name game

Cover concepts

Learning tools

Blackout bingo

Define / match terms


Projector or large monitor

Board materials (me)

Flip chart