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Secure Vizion by Mind Map: Secure Vizion

1. Services Offered

1.1. Backup

1.1.1. Onsite ShadowProtect Low cost solution Great benefits Easy to Buy Easy to Deploy Axcient AppAssure NextGen Backup for Extreme HA Running Hot Standby VM's Instant Recovery to within 15 Minutes of Disaster!

1.1.2. Offsite Axcient Default Offsite Backup Solution AppAssure NextGen Backup for Extreme HA Running Hot Standby VM's Instant Recovery to within 15 Minutes of Disaster!

1.1.3. Yours Backup Assist Backup Exec AppAssure Replay We can sell this to you if desired NetBackup Netvault ShadowProtect We can sell this to you if desired Axcient We can sell this to you if desired

1.2. ManageIT

1.2.1. What is it? Maintenance Regular maintenance keeps the systems humming along Reporting Health Applications Licensing Uptime Others as request Patching Everything Microsoft, Just like everyone else We keep 66 other applications up to date, providing security against new threats. Monitoring Logs Performance User Activity Application Activity Stabilization We will bring it all under control during the beginning of our relationship. We start helping day one. Real World Guidance Available Reliable

1.2.2. Benefits? Reduced Overall IT Costs Reduce Operating Costs Reduce time to Implement Improved efficiency Reduced Stress Trusted by all who have ever crossed our path Qualified Combined technology management and development experience of 60+ years Partner Secure Vizion exists ONLY to ensure your continued success!

1.2.3. Target Audience Businesses employing between 5 - 1000 Biotech Engineering/Technology Manufacturing Professional Services Financial Services Distribution

1.2.4. How do I buy? A Secure Vizion engineer will schedule an interview with you to discuss your IT needs. We will discuss your requirements and propose one of three solutions; ManageIT ManageIT Pro ManageIT Premium Solution Proposed You Review our SLA Contract Signed. Begin Support We will review your environment to begin the process of stabilization. We meet to discuss results and required effort to stabilize. We begin support and stabilization. We Meet once more three months in to assess status.

1.3. +Unlimited 24x7 HelpDesk Support*

1.3.1. What is it? A place to call to get support for most common issues, with 60 second response common.

1.3.2. What is covered?

1.3.3. What does it cost? $30/user/mo

1.3.4. How do I get Started? Review the SLA Sign our agreement Call when you need help!


1.4.1. Bolt On Services +Backup Local Offsite +Anti-Virus ESET +24x7 Tech Support 30 min free per call +Web Security Email Continuity Email Archive Secure Email

1.4.2. Basic Services Online Account Management Reporting for Software, Licensing and Hardware. Report Financial Activity Modify Payment Method Update contact/client info Online ordering Add Bolt on Services Request Upgrade to ManageIT Assisted Provisioning Instructions sent in E-mail Setup support is a free one time call to helpdesk Monitoring Performance Logs Updates Microsoft Everything Plus over 60 others! Resolution Assistance Suggestions Warnings Automated Event Advice Offers for assistance *when warranted*

1.5. Projects

1.5.1. Windows 7 Migration

1.5.2. Server Hardware/Software Upgrades

1.5.3. Server and complex application installs

1.5.4. Web Application Design

1.5.5. Voice Systems

1.5.6. Microsoft Business Solutions

1.5.7. Open Source Business Solutions

1.5.8. Imaging

1.5.9. Wireless Implementations

1.5.10. Compliance Projects

1.5.11. ...others as required

1.6. Cloud Services

1.6.1. Email

1.6.2. Websites

1.6.3. Hosted Desktops

1.6.4. Hosted Security Web Security McAfee SaaS How to purchase

1.7. Consulting

1.7.1. We are adept at translating business need into technical requirement. It's what we do best!

2. About Us

2.1. Fifth Year in Business

2.2. Managing Hundreds of PC's and Servers

2.2.1. Platforms Linux Windows Mac

2.2.2. Experience Exchange Since version 5.0 SQL Since version 7 Authentication systems High Availability Solutions Disaster Recovery Redundant system design Efficiency Solutions Networking Communications ...and MUCH more!

2.3. 100% REPEAT Customers for reference

2.3.1. True business partnership; we are here to help you succeed!

2.3.2. Customers RAVE about our service and commitment “Honest…Upfront” “I couldn't begin to say how helpful and honest Secure Vizion is” “Excellent availability…deep knowledge base, rock solid accountability, dedication to improving my enterprise” “Always working to improve processes” “Top qualities: Expertise, High Integrity, Creative” “A joy to work with” “Words cannot express how valuable you are to our company!” “As IT Director, proved to me through actions they are very dependable, knowledgeable and trustworthy, sensitivity to our company's needs and willingness to share knowledge” “Main priority is customer satisfaction…and making our best interests his priority!” “When we had a virus outbreak, they were here on Christmas Eve to restore our network infrastructure”

2.4. Predictable IT Costs