Impact of Educational Technology on Motivation

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Impact of Educational Technology on Motivation by Mind Map: Impact of Educational Technology on Motivation

1. Motivation and Engagement

1.1. Providing students with "Choice Theory" to activate intrinsic motivation

1.2. Using a variety of teaching methods to promote engagement

1.3. The use of virtual environments to learn subjects

1.4. Discovering the value of using Wiki technology

1.5. The intergration of Web 2.0 tools

1.6. Teaching through inquiry

1.7. The use of social media tools to promote learning

2. Web 2.0 Tools

2.1. The use of Digital Learning Games enhance motivation

2.2. Students are comfortable using collaborative forms of technolgy

2.3. Learners must be taught how to use the full spectrum of Web 2.0 tools

2.4. Using tools such as Web blogs, Wikis, Google Docs, Yahoo Groups, and Facebook to help supplement learning process

3. Assessment

3.1. Self Assessment can positively impact student motivation and academic achievement

3.2. The use of questionares

3.3. Surveys

3.4. Pre and post Interviews

3.5. Observations

3.6. Both multiple choice and short answer quizes