Sources of prosthodontic malpractice

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Sources of prosthodontic malpractice by Mind Map: Sources of prosthodontic malpractice

1. Pre-intervention phase

1.1. formulating a faulty or poor diagnosis

1.2. failing to consult or refer if the case exceeds the dentist's skills and abilities

1.3. communicating poorly with the patient

1.3.1. not listening to him or her

1.3.2. not showing compassion

1.3.3. not offering treatment alternatives

1.3.4. not discussing likely outcomes and prognosis

1.4. performing faulty treatment planning

1.5. failing to obtain informed consent

2. Intervention phase

2.1. faulty preparation of the foundation area

2.2. faulty impression taking

2.3. faulty temporary restorations

2.4. faulty prosthetic restoration fabrication as a result of dental technician negligenc

2.5. poor communication with the dental technician, resulting in an inappropriate prosthesis

3. Post-intervention phase

3.1. fails to give the patient appropriate instructions about mouth care and dental prosthesis maintenance

3.2. fails to schedule follow-up appointments to ensure the integrity of the prosthesis and the health of supporting structures

3.3. fails to keep a proper dental record of the treatmen

3.4. if they share a patient's treatment record with a third party without obtaining the patient's permission to do so

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