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Food Safety by Mind Map: Food Safety
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Food Safety

Minimum Internal Temps of Cooked Foods

135 Degrees

Hot Service Fruits

Hot Service Veggies

Hot Service Grains, Rice, Pasta

Hot Service Legumes, Beans, Refried Beans

Commercially Processed Read-to-eat food that will be held for hot service

145 Degrees for 4 Minutes

Roasts of Pork

Roasts of Beef

Roasts of Veal

Roasts of Lamb

145 Degrees for 15 Seconds

Seafood, Fish, Shellfish, Crustaceans

Steak/Chops of Pork

Steak/Chops of Beef

Steak/Chops of Veal

Steak/Chops of Lamb

Eggs that will be served immediately

155 Degrees for 15 Seconds

Ground Meat, Beef, Pork, Other Meat

Injected Meat, Including Brined Ham, Including Flavor-injected roasts

Ground Seafood including chopped and minced Seafood

Eggs that will be held for hot service

165 Degrees for 15 Seconds

Poultry, Whole or Ground Chicken, Turkey, or Duck

Stuffing made with TCS Ingredients

Stuffed meat, seafood, poultry, or pasta

Dishes that include previously cooked TCS Ingredients


The Danger Zone

41 Degrees to 135 Degrees but 40-140 to be safe

Holding Food

Hot food needs to be held at 135 degrees or higher

Cold foods need to be held between 32 Degrees and 41 Degrees

Foods should be properly covered

Regularly check temperatures



Between 35 Degrees and 40 Degrees

Store Meat, Poultry, Fish and Dairy in Coldest Section of Fridge with Veggies Near Door

Order in which Items are Stored, 1.Ready-to-eat food 2. Whole fish 3. Whole meat 4. Ground meat 5. Poultry


Must be below 32 Degrees Preferably down below Zero

Dont Overload

Defrost Often


First In First Out, New Items In Back of Older Items with Exp. Dates Facing Forward




Exp. Date

Dry Storage

Cool below 70 Degrees




Preparation and Handling

Fish Preparation and Handling

Fridge and Freezer Conduct, Kept below 31 Degrees, Immediately put in Fridge

General Handling, Below 90 Degrees can be in Danger Zone for 2 Hours, Above 90 Degrees can be in Danger Zone for 1 Hour, Preferably Held on Ice

Meat Preparation and Handling

Fresh Meat Kept Below 41 Degrees, Preferably between 32 and 36 degrees, Kept in Air Tights Container

Frozen Meat Preferably Kept Below 0 Degrees, Frozen in proper air tights freezer burn proof containers

Beef, Cook or Freeze in 3-5 Days

Poultry, Cook or Freeze in 1-2 Days