Focus Student

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Focus Student by Mind Map: Focus Student

1. Aboriginal

2. High Aspirations

3. Shy

4. Learning Difficulty

5. Culture

6. Lack of Perspectives being integrated into the curriculum

7. Storytelling enhances learning experiences

8. Valuing Aboriginal Culture

9. History

10. Land

11. Connection

12. Relationships

13. Sense of Belonging

14. Our Ways (8 Ways Framework)

15. Improved Student Engagement

16. Experience Authentic Sucess

17. Discover Individual Potential

18. Motivation

19. Higher Expectation = Higher Outcome

20. Challenge

21. Preparation for future challenges and develop problem-solving skills

22. Too much pressure

23. Anxiety, Stress, Depression

24. Mental Health Issues

25. Discouraged and Disengaged from learning

26. Vygotsky's Theory: Zone of Proximal Development

27. Support to Success

28. Confidence

29. Maintain High Expectations. Do not underestimate their ability

30. Difficult to make friends

31. Lack of Confidence

32. Have the right to be included

33. Enable the opportunity for them to achieve/discover their own ability and potential

34. Learning Barriers

35. Multiple Methods of Engagement, Learning and Verbal/Non-Verbal Representation

36. Opened-ended tasks for flexibility and cater for different learning ability

37. Avoid Stereotypes and grouping students as low-performing. Avoid being bias, do not judge capability based on learning disabilties. Allow students to show their maximum capability through inclusive learning

38. Strong teacher and student relationship allows teacher to cater effectively to students' learning difficulties

39. Deserves equal opportunities as other students

40. Fear of discrimination and judgement

41. Isolation and disconnection

42. Difficulty in focusing and processing information

43. Bullying due to being labelled as 'disabled' or 'retarded'

44. Seem disruptive but just require more time and patience to process and learn

45. Strong support network (school, friends and family) to help them to help them feel comfortable and provide extra assistance with certain tasks

46. Being ashamed and fear of being Indigenous = lose of identity

47. Judged based on stereotypes

48. Culture ignore and neglected

49. Low participation

50. Limited Social Skills

51. Support buddy