Why democracy matters

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Why democracy matters by Mind Map: Why democracy matters

1. the disappointment with democracy

1.1. Afghanistan case (weak and corrupt judiciary)

1.2. Iraq case (riots)

1.3. Pakistan case (corrupt government)

1.4. even British case (84% people think politics is broken)

2. the promise of democracy

2.1. George W. Bush speech

2.1.1. freedom

2.1.2. peace

2.1.3. NOT just side benefits (prosperity, security, civil society, rule of law, end of violence, elimination of terrorist threat)

3. reflects the idea of

3.1. equality

3.2. liberty

3.3. dignity (individual dignity, human rights)

4. from instrumental arguments (North Korea case / Saudi Arabia case) to a state of mind

4.1. citizens' engagement (active, informed)

4.2. trust (citizens learn how to trust politicians and politicians learn how to trust their voters)

4.3. media = mediator

4.4. local societies knowledge acknowledged + continuous learning (genius societies: British case (direct elections, learn from French communities)

5. not because of the results (rule of law, effective structures, peace, etc.)