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Powerful S.S by Mind Map: Powerful S.S

1. Challenging

1.1. were challenged to make a presentation 5-10 mins long

1.2. challenged to work as a group to complete the assignment

1.3. challenged to make sure that each student had their own role within the group

1.4. had to decide what information was significant to their event and how to organize it within their presentation

1.5. challenged to question history and not just accept it while at the same time accepting that the event happened the way that it did

2. Active

2.1. students decided on their own who did what within the group, how the presentation would be organized and how it would also be presented

2.2. teacher let the students discover their historical mission. They were free to use whatever resources they could find on the topic

2.3. students were all very hands on, meaning they were researching, cutting, glueing, writing, and talking

2.4. decisions were made as a group

3. Meaningful

3.1. students collaborating

3.2. students deciding who has what role without teacher involvement

3.3. assignment counts as practice for whn they need to present an exhibition to graduate grade 8

4. Integrative

4.1. students used technologies that they normally would not have access to at home. One group made a video to present their exhibition

4.2. used their skills in their native languages, computers, reading, writing and organizational skills to complete exhibition

4.3. students were studying events from their cultural past and seeing it's effects over time (how missions were museums today)

5. Value-Based

5.1. how to work as a group to collect and organize information

5.2. each event was respected and looked at from both the Spanish and the "Indian" side

5.3. recognized the viewpoints from another cultures point of view ("Indians")

5.4. students learned how the missions evolved over time