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Outlines by Mind Map: Outlines

1. Classification

1.1. Every car goes with everyones personality.

1.1.1. Muscle Cars Chevrolet corvette camaro Chrysler charger challenger hemi cuda

1.1.2. Trucks Ford Trucks F-150 F-250

1.1.3. Exotic Cars Lamborghinni Lamborghinni Gallardo Lamborghinni Diablo Lamborghinni Countach Lamborghinni Murcielago

1.1.4. Usually someone buys a car he or she likes, and drives it how he or she wants, and most of the time he decorates it, paints it, or modifies it, according to the things he likes or what he wants it to be like.

2. Soccer

2.1. Soccer is the best sport in the world.

2.1.1. It is the fastest growing sport in the world Hundreds of millions worship their favorite team as if it were a religion, while even more support their national teams in what is the ultimate form of national pride. I've seen people that love soccer more than they love their family, they decorate their cars with soccer stickers or with the team's logo. People have a lot of nationalism with their team they like.

2.1.2. It is the most popular sports in the world. Soccer brings people together like nothing. I love watching soccer with all my friends. Most of the time, people dont watch soccer game by themselves, but with company of someone. Everyone loves watching soccer. People get excited. People cry when their favorite team loses. A lot of feelings happend during the game. I love watching soccer games.

2.1.3. Soccer is the best sport in the world because first of all, it is the most popular sport in the world. People love watching it and they get really excited in soccer games.

3. Old vs. New Civilizations

3.1. New civilizations are spoiled

3.1.1. What we do. We need cars. New civilizations need cars, we dont travel by horse anymore. Old civilizations used to travel by horse and they didnt really care about cars, they probably didnt even think cars were going to exist. We need computers. New civilizations cant live with a computer. Old civilizations didnt had computers, they just wrote everything on paper or on a typing machine. We need A/C. New civilizations are always complaining about how hot it is. People didnt use to had A/C in the old times, they just took showers to get refreshed.

3.1.2. Daily Routine. Use electronic devices. Everyone now days uses or plays videogames. 70% of the houses around the world have washing machines. Everyone spends a lot of time watching tv Transportation People always travel by car, without caring about the environment. Everyone now likes traveling by plane, people didnt use to have airplanes back in the old times. People now dont like traveling by horse, or traveling by a little cart pulled by a horse.

3.1.3. New civilizations are spoiled because day by day they become more dependent on technology and theyre always in search of new products that make life easier.