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Green RE Impacts by Mind Map: Green RE Impacts
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Green RE Impacts

Jim Simcoe 760-271-7128


Healthier residents

Increased home values

Political attention and power

Neighborhood beautification

Economic growth

Increased tax revenues


Lower utility expenses

Healthier lives

More disposable income to pump into economy

Healthier kids

Green Suppliers

More customers

Increased demand lowers prices

New products enter market faster

Larger selection of products

Products available in more locations


Higher returns

Pride of 'Action'

Safer investment

Lower capital expenses

Increased appraisal values

Leverage grant/incentive funding


Focus less on fund raising

Focus more on core mission

Opportunity to increase fundraising $$

Increased cash flow


Blueprint to model

Tipping point of 'green' properties reached faster


Lower CO2 emissions

Decreased contribution to waste stream

Less energy consumed

Recycle materials targeted for waste

Reduce landfill contribution


Jobs creation

Leverage state and federal grants

Housing Industry

Take bank owned properties off the market

Improve home values

Decrease vacancies