US History Lessons Learned

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US History Lessons Learned by Mind Map: US History Lessons Learned

1. It is difficult to stop people from taking a popular/ addictive drug.

2. Technology- How does technology effect society?

2.1. The Radio

2.1.1. When there are new technologies that can broadcast nationally, we get a national culture.

2.1.2. Warfare-Technology advances so quickly, it had a huge impact on the style of warfare.

2.2. Trench Warfare

2.2.1. Warfare technology advances very quickly and has a huge impact on the style of warfare.

2.3. Atomic Bomb

2.3.1. Good and bad impact on society, killed hundreds, but the fastest way to end the war.

3. Media- To what extent does the media influence people?To what extent does the media mirror or reflect society?

3.1. Invention of credit

3.1.1. In the 1920s' the invention of credit made a big hit in the banks, but what people didnt know is every time they used credit they were creating mass debt.

4. Foreign relations- How have foreign entanglements influenced america?

4.1. World War I

4.1.1. Forming allies can draw the country into a a border conflict

4.1.2. When the U.S is involved in world affairs to a large extent, it is hard to be neutral if a major conflict breaks out.

4.2. Harlem Renissance

4.2.1. People of all backgrounds were migrating to the us causing overpopulation in the north

4.3. Allies

4.3.1. The more allies the easier it is to get through war.

4.4. Communism

4.4.1. If we dont stop communism we loose trading partners.

4.5. Vietnam War

4.5.1. The soldiers did not have the proper tools to execute a war on Vietnam. They couldn't tell who the enemy was. The lesson learned is that you need to be prepared going into war.

4.5.2. The president did not completely take into consideration the affects of the war would have on America, he did it for his own political benefit, which was unsuccessful anway. The lesson learned is only go to war if its necessary.

4.5.3. communism was never contained. A million people died and America did not even acheieve its goal. LL: do not go to war over something your country isnt willed enough to fight for.

5. Government- What is the role and responsibility of the American government?

5.1. Prohabition

5.1.1. It s very expensive for the government to regulate the illegal sale of drugs.

5.1.2. Crime increase, gangs

5.2. Econoomy crashes

5.2.1. gov. must get involved to help americans get back on their feet.

6. Leaders & Presidents- What makes an effective or ineffective leader?

6.1. Treaty of Versailles

6.1.1. The treaty of Versailles said Germany must pay for all war damages, it was too harsh on Germany and put them in a desperate state allowing Hitler to take advantage.

7. Migration- What causes migration and how has it impacted America?

7.1. Great Migration

7.1.1. When groups of people migrate, they settle in dense areas which has pros and cons; pros- similar culture, religion cons-discrimination outside, poverty

8. Economics- How has economics affected America and Americans?

8.1. Great Depression

8.1.1. When the new deal was creared to fix the economic issues it cost a lot of money

8.2. Mass production

8.2.1. Mass production- Under consumption. U.S. farms and businesses were pushing out too many goods for consumption, started the dust bowl, /

8.3. High un employment

8.3.1. Caused many americans to loose their jobs, foreclosure, starvation.

9. Civil rights- To what extent have the oppressed in America been able to attain an equality of life?

9.1. Prohabition

9.1.1. Prohabition

10. WORLD WAR 2-

10.1. Foreign relations- Post WW1, the world didnt learn it's