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Prehistory of Egypt by Mind Map: Prehistory of Egypt

1. Definition of prehistory period

1.1. Prehistory is the period of time before civilization begun and it happened a very very long time ago

2. Age

2.1. Stone Age

2.1.1. Old Stone age (Paleolithic)

2.1.2. Middle Stone age (Mesolithic)

2.1.3. New Stone age (Neolithic)

2.2. Metal Age

2.2.1. Iron age

2.2.2. Bronze age

3. The Tools they use

3.1. The egyptians use papyrus for paper and reed pen for the pen

3.2. They used stone, bronze and copper for everyday tools like

3.3. They also used granite and basalt to build monuments and structures

3.4. The egyptians also use metal that were smelted and shaped to form an axe or a sword.

4. Egyptian Life

4.1. Life in egypt revolved around the nile river and the fertile around its banks

4.2. They also used mud to make mudbricks for their homes

4.3. Egytians worked as field hands, farmers, scribes, craftsman, and a small group of people calles nobles