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Epilepsy by Mind Map: Epilepsy

1. Semiology

1.1. Zones

1.1.1. Seizure Onset Zone

1.1.2. Epileptogenic Lesion

1.1.3. Irritative Zone

1.1.4. Symptomaatogenic Zone

1.1.5. Functional Deficit Zone

1.1.6. Epileptogennic Zone

1.2. Semiologic Seizure Classification

1.2.1. Paroxysmal Event Epileptic Seizures Auras Autonomic Seizures* Dialeptic Seizures Motor Seizures* Special Seizures Nonepileptic Paroxysmal Event

1.3. Distribution of ictal semiology

1.3.1. Non-somatotopic

1.3.2. Somatotopic* Laterality Axial Bilateral Asymmetry Generalized Body part

1.4. Ictal Symptomatology

1.4.1. Lateralizing signs IctalVomiting IctalDystonia IctalSpeech UnilateralIctalBlinking PostictalTodd'sParalysis ParadoxicalVersion PostictalAphasia

1.4.2. Consciousness Altered level of consciousness Loss of consciousness (LOC)