PhD: Encapsulating the Alchemy of Entrepreneurship

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PhD: Encapsulating the Alchemy of Entrepreneurship by Mind Map: PhD: Encapsulating the Alchemy of Entrepreneurship

1. Current resources

1.1. Entrepreneurs Networking Events

1.1.1. Mobile Monday 1st Monday of the month

1.1.2. Manly Geeks 1st Wednesday of the month

1.1.3. Young Entrepreneurs Sydney

1.1.4. Silicon Beach Drinks

1.1.5. The Australian Society of Entrepreneurs - Sydney

1.2. Coaching Young Entrepreneurs


1.2.2. Coaching portal website

1.2.3. Holistic Cafe

1.3. Personal experience

1.3.1. Setup of Bikey Sustainable Smart Phones Applications

1.4. Books & articles

1.4.1. Socialnomics: How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live and Do Business By Erik Qualman

1.4.2. The rise of the social entrepreneur By Charles Leadbeater

1.4.3. Suggested Suresh's articles "start up in a box" framework Pattinson, H. M., & Low, D. R. (2008). E-novation: An offbeat view of innovation, e-marketing and a new collaborative information platform. Moore, A. (2005). Simple ideas lightly held. In Sattersten, T. (Ed.), More space: Nine antidotes to complacency in business, astronaut projects. Edmondson, A. (2008). The competitive imperative of learning. Harvard Business Review, (July- August): 60–67. Baghai, M., Coley, S., & White, D. (2000). The alchemy of growth. New York, NY: Basic Books Hills, G. E., & Shrader, R. C. (1998). Successful entrepreneurs’ insights into opportunity recognition. Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research. Wellesley, MA: Babson College. Blink from Malcom Gladwall Streetlights and Shadows: Searching for the Keys to Adaptive Decision Making (Bradford Books) Gary (Naturalistic Decision Making: pick up cues and pattern). try to write to him ton include him in my project Innovation and diffusion of software technology from HUFF focus on his phD plan and cognitive mapping "The secret language code (2 pager article) from Penny Baker Compass (resource website) FA QCA New Node Roger Schank The future of decision making How revolutionary New Node Dimitris Lyras Go to blog New Node Klein Gaslight and shadows

1.4.4. Factors contributing to the success of local SMEs: an insight from Singapore

1.4.5. Narrating the Entrepreneur

1.4.6. How to Write a PhD Thesis

1.4.7. Handbook of research on international entrepreneurship

1.4.8. Brain ports from Pattinson Create a case base repository How to write like an academic Bricolage Bricoleur

1.5. Links

1.5.1. Kaufman institute for entrepreneurship


1.5.3. TV Show The Alchemist of Entrepreneurship

1.5.4. Ernst & Young: Entrepreneurs - shaping the future of Australia

1.5.5. Australian centre of entrepreneurship

1.6. PhD Thesis

1.6.1. Corporate entrepreneurship; antecedents and consequences of entrepreneurship in large established firms

1.6.2. Motivations of aspiring male and female entrepreneurs

1.7. Podcasts

1.7.1. Standford eCorner: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

1.7.2. PreneurCast

1.7.3. Ted Talks

2. Possible topics

2.1. How can entrepreneurs leverage social media to achieve their business plan faster

2.1.1. How Social Media can help entrepreneurs Networking Funding partner Raise their profile hire the right staff New node

2.1.2. How Social Media can help the start-up Reach more potential customers Raise Brand Awareness

2.1.3. What should entrepreneurs not do with Social Media

2.2. The role of Social Media in Entrepreneurship

2.3. Encapsulating the alchemy of entrepreneurship?

2.3.1. info from entrepreneurs' today way of communication - social media Suresh Sood chapter 12: The startup employee prefers not to be constrained by the old broadcast model of email instead exploiting social technologies.

2.3.2. How do we capture/encapsulate knowledge in natural setting (social media, blogs,...)

2.3.3. - start with Steve Jobs's bio: encapsulate Steve's knowledge

2.3.4. reflect on my own exp

2.3.5. look for pattern

2.3.6. psychological assessment

2.3.7. Test methodology on Steve Jobs' bio

3. Potential resources

3.1. Interviews with LinkedIn Australia

3.2. Interviews with Facebook Australia

3.3. Interviews with Google Australia

3.4. Develop existing

3.4.1. Networking events

3.4.2. Coaching entrepreneurs

3.5. Paramatta Smart City Project

3.6. Conferences

3.6.1. French society media conference Paris 2.0

4. Parameters

4.1. Who

4.1.1. Entrepreneurs New business Existing business

4.2. What

4.2.1. All industries

4.2.2. preference for online industry

4.3. When

4.3.1. First 3 years of business plan 80% of start-ups fail within first 3 years

4.4. Where

4.4.1. OECD North America Europe Oceania

5. Methodology

5.1. e-prime

5.1.1. strengthen writing

5.1.2. remove "it", "be"....

5.2. Action Research

5.2.1. Graziano and Raulin (1993) make a similar suggestion when referring to situations where the control of variables is impractical or unethical.

5.2.2. Dick (1995) summarises his interpretation of the most effective research methodology as one that generates data and interpretations appropriate to a given context.

5.2.3. Action provides change and research provides understanding

5.2.4. Winter’s (1996 p14) description of action research

5.2.5. Dick (1995a) suggests that the way in which cyclic activity provides for rigour and thus validity is through: the collection and interpretation of data in each research cycle before testing both data and interpretation in later cycles; seeking to disconfirm emerging interpretations in each cycle; critiquing and refining methods of reflection and action in each cycle; seeking out divergent data to challenge other data already collected.

6. PhD Application Process

7. Social Networking

7.1. Social Networks

7.1.1. LinkedIn

7.1.2. Skype

7.1.3. Facebook

7.1.4. Twitter

7.1.5. Google+

7.1.6. YouTube

7.1.7. Blogging?

7.2. Different ways entrepreneurs react to social media

7.2.1. 1. Ignore Don't care about social media or don't know enough about them.

7.2.2. 2. Watch Just stand on the sidelines and see the magic unfolding

7.2.3. 3. Dabble They are excited enough to setup a profile here, post a message there and occasionally be 'social’ with others.

7.2.4. 4. Play They are involved in it seriously but not all of them are getting the right returns on their investments.

7.2.5. 5. Leverage They are not only players but they are making this a core part of their business and personal lives. They can't live without it and more importantly, they know how to get the right return on their investments in social media

8. Landmark Articles

9. Potential Funding

9.1. Capital Raisin Australia