My Career Skills Map

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My Career Skills Map by Mind Map: My Career Skills Map

1. 1. Sports Analyst

2. Skills: Communication Skills and self -motivation

3. Qualities: Enthusiastic and Independent

4. Values: Positive Relationships and Responsibility

5. 2. Professional Soccer Player

6. Qualities: Enthusiastic and Hardworking

7. Values: Lifelong Learning and Quality

8. Skills: Self Motivated and Team Player

9. 4. Soccer Coach

10. Qualities: Proactive and Reliable

11. Values: Responsibility and Lifelong learning

12. Skills: Communication Skills and Self-Motivated

13. 3. Vetinarian

14. Qualities: Hardworking and Reliable

15. Values: Quality and Lifelong Learning

16. Skills: Exceptional Learning Skills and Communication Skills

17. 5. Statistician

18. Qualities: Dependable and Punctual

19. Values: Quality and Lifelong Learning

20. Skills: Problem Solving and Being Prepared