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Xero by Mind Map: Xero

1. New Clients

1.1. Page 1

1.1.1. Contact details Contact person Phone no. Email

1.1.2. ABN (Registration Required?) GST Registration? PAYG Withheld Registration?

1.1.3. TFN (Registration Required?)

1.1.4. Legal Name Trading Name (Registration Required?)

1.1.5. Conversion Date ASAP Predetermine Future Date

1.2. Page 2

1.2.1. BankFeeds ANZ CBA Link to pdf WBC Link to pdf NAB Link to pdf Paypal

1.3. Page 3

1.3.1. Users Setup Privllage Setup Read Invoice Standard Payroll Admin Username

1.4. Page 4

1.4.1. Customise Reports Default format Upload company Logo Custom format Invoice P & L Balance Sheet Budget

1.5. Page 5

1.5.1. Propose Interview via Tuggle (Optional) Understand client's business Any special request? Information for fine tune Xero Is tracking category required? Multicurrency required? Ask required questions to clients to see if any of our addons suit their needs

2. Existing Clients

2.1. MYOB

3. Addons

3.1. Unleashed

3.2. Vend

3.3. Magento

3.4. Connect2Field

3.5. Paycycle