Google Apps Administrative API talk, GDD

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Google Apps Administrative API talk, GDD by Mind Map: Google Apps Administrative API talk, GDD

1. slides


2. Google Apps

2.1. added value

2.1.1. collaboration tools

2.1.2. reduced IT complexity

2.1.3. security Google Infra

2.1.4. updates

2.1.5. compliancy with regulations SOX proving you have control over your data auditing

3. Admin API use gdata

3.1. Google Data Python Client

4. Example use cases

4.1. provision api

4.1.1. migrates users with encrypted passwords to Google Apps

4.2. Email Migration API

4.3. SAML-based single sign-on

4.3.1. authenticate against LDAP & then be authenticated in Google Apps

4.4. Reporting API

4.4.1. accounts reports e.g. which users actually use which services, when, how much, &c useful for billing, deleting unused accounts

4.5. email settings API

4.6. Audit API

4.6.1. Admin can download & monitor user activities eg, login trials & their source IP's

4.6.2. requires PGP keys OpenPGP client key to authenticate the Admin user

4.6.3. Async API

5. Quotas rate limits on of usage

5.1. shows example of increasing delays when hitting the 503 status code

5.1.1. "back off"

6. 2-factor authentication

6.1. both password & something else, such as

6.1.1. code delivered to your mobile