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Me by Mind Map: Me

1. My Dad has connections to the School District and lots of small businesses around Kelowna through his computer job.

2. My Mom has connections to the City of Kelowna and West Kelowna because she is hired by them to teach line dancing.

3. Logan Teves has connections to Superstore in West Kelowna

4. Brendan Ziebart, along with Logan Teves, has connections to the West Kelowna Superstore

5. Liam Goodland, along with Logan Teves and Brendan Ziebart, has connections to West Kelowna Superstore

6. Dan Hurd is a teacher at my school that has connections to plenty of different post-secondary programs and job opportunities around Kelowna

7. Jeff Kaplan has connections to a lot of video gaming companies in LA/San Francisco and is an old family friend.

8. Chad Kroeger has connections to the music industry and was at one point dating my aunt.

9. Clamp is an online friend that has lots of insights to online websites such as

10. Hugh Mungus has connections to the municipal government in Kelowna having worked with them for a few years

11. Elon Musk is a friend-of-a-friend and has many connections to big companies in the US.

12. Brad Kuhn is a friend of my Dad's and has lots of connections to both West Kelowna and SD23

13. Dalton 'Hooper' Hooper is a distant friend that has many connections around West Kelowna, some I don't even know as of yet. He is a man shrouded in mystery, but is said to be an absolute legend at his craft.

14. Felix Kjellberg is an online acquaintance that has lots of connections in the comedy industry

15. Masahiro Sakurai is an online friend who I've known for many years and has worked with many respected companies like Nintendo