Role of a Teacher

Role of a Teacher (Bowers,S)

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Role of a Teacher by Mind Map: Role of a Teacher

1. Classroom

1.1. Content Knowledge

1.1.1. Thorough understanding of curriculum content

1.2. Pedagogical Knowledge

1.2.1. Understanding the theory/ "science" of teaching practice and able to relate to in class situations

1.3. Pedagogical Content Knowledge

1.3.1. Ability to combine and successfully implement Pedagogical and Content Knoweldge

1.4. Positive relationship with students

1.4.1. Ability to engage students Ability to adapt to tailor suit students interests and needs Understanding strengths and weaknesses of individual students

1.4.2. Two way respect Student-Teacher

1.4.3. Create environment to enjoy learning

2. Wider Community

2.1. Create relationships with students parents and guardians

2.2. Involve community within course work if possible

2.3. Promote the school in positive manner

2.4. Promote community to students in positive manner

2.5. Involve parents/guardians in students learning

2.6. Be looked upon as a role model, for the community youth

2.7. Be Involved in wider community activities

3. School

3.1. Appropriate use and implementation of curricular documents

3.2. Ability to make change to allow the school to become more efficient

3.3. Positive relationships with all staff

3.4. Ability to engage across various faculties

3.5. Collaborative with all staff (share resources etc)

4. Faculty (TAS)

4.1. Maintain a close relationship with all Staff

4.2. Evaluate and continuously improve school programs

4.3. Maintain relationships with outside business (Help show students how Tech. relates to real world)

4.4. Ability to teach/support over various tech classes

4.5. Encourage and accept change