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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. Ab Advocate From DR. Knox, Currently works at GESS - Jody. Connected throughout the community and could give career advice.

2. My Mom's Friend - Dana. She has a variety of connections and ways to possibly help me out in the future with job searching.

3. My Sister's Mom/My Old Employer - Kari. She helped me with getting my job at Par-T-Perfect. She has supported me in getting other jobs and would give good recommendations for me to possible future employers.

4. My Counsellor - Selina. She can offer career advice and connect me to places looking for volunteer positions and what not.

5. Mr. Parmar - Head of Careers at KSS and could potentially help with connections to different places of work and offer advice.

6. My Mom - Shannon. She works in a restaurant and so she has a lot of contacts in that area. She also has a lot of friends that could be useful for learning about job openings and opportunities.

7. My Sister - Anika. She has a variety of supports that assist her in finding job opportunities in the restaurant business and the childcare areas.

8. My Girlfriend - Araea and her parents. They have a variety of community supports and actively look at online job boards. Araea also drives me around to drop off resumes as well as drive me to and from work.

9. Ab Advocate - Dawn. She has helped me with graduating, as a reference on my resume and mostly just getting me through school days. She also has a variety of community connections and supports through those connections.

10. Friend - Teanna. She is always encouraging me to get my resumes out there, she's supported me in my education and job findings for the last few years. Always encouraging me to be successful and providing me with the motivation I wouldn't have otherwise.