Webinar #2 - Youth Mentorship for finding Passion and Purpose

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Webinar #2 - Youth Mentorship for finding Passion and Purpose by Mind Map: Webinar #2 - Youth Mentorship for finding Passion and Purpose

1. Stepping stones

1.1. harvest all ideas and share it with the world

1.1.1. Who is interested in creating with us (in this call and in the world)

1.2. Look for connections with other topics

1.2.1. Lots of overlap with Education and Safe Spaces

1.3. Start locally, be open to globally!

1.3.1. Think of a few people that you could be mentors to

1.3.2. Can be easy and simple and can grow into something much greater

1.4. Find forum or space for sharing learning

1.4.1. Homework...need research.

1.4.2. Even for parents...

1.4.3. Mostly aimed at at-risk youth

1.4.4. Tell stories - make and share videos!

1.5. Spreading the idea that every time you interact with a young person is an act of mentorship. This will help you be more conscious of your actions which will make the whole community a better place!

2. Exceptional initiatives

2.1. Emerging Leaders Program

2.1.1. Hosting purposful conversations

2.1.2. continued Coaching and Mentorship

2.1.3. host dialogues

2.1.4. http://www.thenaturalstep.org/en/canada/emerging-leaders

2.2. Ashoka Youth Mentorship?

2.3. Leadwell initiative

2.4. http://www.artofhosting.org/home/

2.4.1. Co-hosting

2.5. www.be-a-businessman.nl

2.5.1. Provide mentors to help at risk youth

2.6. Big Brothers Big Sisters

2.6.1. Match Mentors with at-risk youth

2.6.2. Go Girls activites planned for the Mentor to engage young women about health and self image

2.6.3. Provides coaching or training to mentors

2.7. Новый узел

2.8. Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability Master's Program

2.8.1. Community involvement with coaching in academics AND industry projects Nieuw knooppunt Nieuw knooppunt

2.9. Art of Hosting training

2.9.1. Experts always ask for local co-hosts, often youth are there! Inadvertent mentoring because of the opportunity

3. Новый узел

4. In our wildest dreams.....

4.1. “To the world, you may just be somebody. But to somebody, you may just be the world.”

4.2. Mentee and Mentor are PARTNERS...there is co-learning

4.2.1. Learn each others world and support each other!

4.3. Organic,open mentor matching

4.3.1. everyone is a mentor

4.3.2. EXTEND OPPORTUNITIES FOR MENTORS AND MENTEES. All youth have opportunity to have one on one mentor Coaching is key, especially with tools!

4.3.3. could be online OR local LinkedIn group for mentees and mentor seekers?? Space for them to connect organicially

4.4. Guidance for mentors / coach coaching

4.4.1. mindset shift: people being mentors and being mentored at the same time

4.4.2. community of practice

4.4.3. organisation where there are professional coaches and they coach mentors... and so on :)

5. Ideas

5.1. Powerful effects of mentorship programs

5.1.1. New node

5.2. Mentorship > Appreticeship

5.2.1. Come and work with me

5.3. Individual attention is important

5.4. Need to learn who you are before you can change the world!

5.5. What is the role of the mentor?

5.6. Mentorship is enlivening