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Chad Fowlers Keynote by Mind Map: Chad Fowlers Keynote
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Chad Fowlers Keynote



Moving to livingsocial

VP of engineering at Living Social

Merging two teams

Sense of responsibilitiy

What is important to accomplish as a leader of a large team?

What I really want to get right is caring like crazy

I want everyone to care like crazy

Gary Vaynerchuk's The Thank You Economy inspired this phrase

What practices could constitute a list of required practices for modern software development

It's all about serving others

You make stuff, you write software. Really you're serving others

We are all in a service job

Everyone in the WORLD

We make experiences

An example

Washing DC in 2005

Got a cab

Tells cab driver where we want to go

Take off. Traffic stops

Getting irritated

Cab driver starts pounding the steering wheel

He shouts 'I hate traffic'

"I guess you're in the wrong job then"

"No. I love my job. My job is to fight the traffic"

Where how have you experienced the best customer service of your life?

Broke answering machine with first. They still gave me a new one when I told them the story

7 Values



Employee Benefits

Be humble

Be transparent



Customers provide jobs