Chad Fowlers Keynote

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Chad Fowlers Keynote by Mind Map: Chad Fowlers Keynote

1. Chad

1.1. Technologist

2. Moving to livingsocial

2.1. VP of engineering at Living Social

2.2. Merging two teams

2.3. Sense of responsibilitiy

3. What is important to accomplish as a leader of a large team?

3.1. What I really want to get right is caring like crazy

3.2. I want everyone to care like crazy

3.3. Gary Vaynerchuk's The Thank You Economy inspired this phrase

3.4. What practices could constitute a list of required practices for modern software development

3.4.1. Giving a shit

3.4.2. actually really giving a shit

3.4.3. Knowing the first thing about coding

3.4.4. See number 1

4. It's all about serving others

4.1. You make stuff, you write software. Really you're serving others

4.2. We are all in a service job

4.3. Everyone in the WORLD

4.4. We make experiences

5. An example

5.1. Washing DC in 2005

5.2. Got a cab

5.3. Tells cab driver where we want to go

5.4. Take off. Traffic stops

5.5. Getting irritated

5.6. Cab driver starts pounding the steering wheel

5.7. He shouts 'I hate traffic'

5.8. "I guess you're in the wrong job then"

5.9. "No. I love my job. My job is to fight the traffic"

6. Where how have you experienced the best customer service of your life?

6.1. Broke answering machine with first. They still gave me a new one when I told them the story

7. 7 Values

7.1. Curiosity

7.1.1. Who is your customer? My team needs a great environment and it pisses me off when they do't Product Dev group. The fonders Our investors Our consumers The merchants The merchants customers Local business communities The economy

7.1.2. Value to end customer is dependent on the entire chain of customers

7.1.3. How can you help them? simple interface? "In software we hate talking to people for change requests, but sometimes that's what you gotta do provide the best service" We cannot be frustrated because our customers don't understand us. Help them do something they can't do on their own People are terrified by making software Provide excellent service where it is least expected 5am New Zealand McDonalds run Memphis: McDonalds sucks balls servicewise Drive up to NZ drive through. Person shouts "GOOD MORNING!" The entire experience was like talking with @jimweirich This guy was terrific, and he didn't have to be. He changed my perspective on New Zealand

7.1.4. The only reason to do something is to help the people who will use the thing. People who think they want to write a book actually just want to have written a book Am I really helping the eople who are consuming whicever service this happens to be? Don't just go networking. Figure out how you can help Answer every email, tweet, and facebook post

7.2. Generosity

7.2.1. The feeling that they'd do 10 minutes of work to save you one minute of your time. You may have crappy code, but if you get things done and try to make your customers better, then you don't suck

7.2.2. Do you care about your customers that much?

7.2.3. Your customers are not prospects (see: godaddy) They don't give you a shit about you

7.3. Employee Benefits

7.3.1. Are you thankful for your employees?

7.3.2. Do you work in a place where they don't give everything to help you get the job done (or at least bend over backwards trying) they are not grateful and you should leave

7.4. Be humble

7.4.1. You don't know your customer's business better than them Clippy

7.5. Be transparent

7.5.1. I like that livingsoial is providing an ultra transparent advertising platform

7.5.2. Banks/healthcare are the opposite.

7.5.3. Taxes as well

7.6. Consistancy

7.6.1. You can't cross a river using averages.

7.6.2. When you provide a customer experience, consistency plays the same part.

7.6.3. The E-myth revisited Amazing book. Not a shitty ecommerce book bad writing style

7.6.4. Kid talked to customer, got some info, and used it to make a fabulous experience

7.6.5. Came back and the same thing happened, even with someother kid

7.6.6. The owner of the hotel hires people and trains them with a rigorous checklist process

7.6.7. I think Zappos does the same thing Consistently delight you

7.6.8. What would be acceptable, and then what would be better than that?

7.6.9. Systematized learning You will screw up constantly. I did it at least once today. When you screw up, learn systematically That way you screw up in different or less ways

7.7. Gratitude

7.7.1. Stomp out the cynicism STOP Complaining It is GIVING UP It is LAZY

7.7.2. Customers give you jobs

8. Customers provide jobs