mind map of celebrity philanthropy.

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1.1. When did the idea to donate come into your head?

1.2. What gave you inspiration to donate?

1.3. how did you chose what foundation to donate to?

1.4. why did you dicide to donate?

1.5. who gave you inspiration to donate?

1.6. Does this make you feellike a better person?

2. celebritiy philanthropy

2.1. will smith

2.1.1. donated: $26,000 to the lupas foundation $200,000 to the baltmore school $52,000 to the make-a-wish foundation

2.2. demi lovato

2.2.1. started a mental health listening and engagement tour

2.3. Sandra bullock donated $1million to charity, doctors without borders,

2.4. lebron james

2.4.1. Lebron helped about 800 children from his home town graduate from high school.

2.5. Sandra bullock

2.5.1. Donted:


3.1. Trevor Noah Foundation | South Africa

3.1.1. trevor noah is a south african comidian