Outsource my Love Life

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Outsource my Love Life by Mind Map: Outsource my Love Life

1. Create dating profiles

1.1. sites

1.1.1. match

1.1.2. okcupid

1.1.3. plenty of fish

1.1.4. e harmony

1.2. learn how to create a solid profile

2. Write spec sheet

2.1. my type of guy

2.2. what to send guys

2.3. what locations to target

2.4. links to guys I find attractive

2.5. links to guys I find unattractive

2.6. good interests

2.7. really detailed

3. Create online scheduling calendar

3.1. timetrade

3.2. coffee dates

3.3. all dates set for one weekend

4. Pick a place to have batch dates

4.1. pick 3 locations

5. Post a project on outsourced sites

5.1. select 3 teams to compete against one another

5.2. performance bonuses

5.3. delegate profile to each team

6. Have outsourcers scour sites and contact

6.1. introduce themselves saying "writing on behalf of NAME" - short email

6.2. send qualifier email

6.3. schedule date

7. Go on "chemistry dates"

8. Start dating